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Drina river easy rafting on Saturdays
April - October
1 day SHARED tour (min 5 pax)

drina rafting
Drina river rafting
Drina rafting
House on the rock Drina river
Rafting boat Drina
Drina river easy rafting

Price per person:

  • 75 € (min 5 pax)

  • if less than 5 people sign up for the tour, the guests will be offered a surcharge



  • English-speaking guide/skipper

  • Transfer (minibus/van)

  • Rafting adventure 3 hours

  • Visit to river and waterfall "Vrelo"

  • Tour organization


Not included: lunch and tips

Duration: 13 hours

Pick up: Your hotel

Total transfer time: 6 hours

Operating months: April - October

Spend a day on the river with friends or family in a relaxed rafting on the Drina River that is sure to win your heart. Every Saturday small group shared tour from Belgrade.


The adventure starts at Lake Perućac and during rafting you will enjoy the natural oasis at the foot of the Tara National Park, pass by the waterfall, stop wherever you want and relax by the river. Of course, the famous house on the rock is on our route, and after rafting, free time awaits you in the restaurant by the river. On the way back to Belgrade, we will stop at WW2 memorail site Kadinjaca.


Drina river

Drina river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Serbia, in ancient times it was called Drinos and people named it Zelenika or Zelenka (Green in Serbian) after colour of its water.

It meanders through picturesque mountainous and plain regions of Bosnia and Serbia. On its banks are settled broad ravines with cultivable and inhabited fields as well as steep banks of rugged and canyon type overgrown with willows, poplars and short bushes. The most beautiful and the biggest canyon in its course Drina engraved from Zepa to Klotijevac, 24km long. Length of its course from Scepan polje, where it originates from Piva and Tara to its mouth in Sava is 340 km. The difference in height above sea level between its spring and mouth is 358 km. Width of its course varies from 100-200m in Perucac and Zvornik to 15m in place called Tijesno (Narrow).

Before the dams for 3 artificial lakes were built, the Drina was a wild river and today it gives us the opportunity to enjoy all its beauties.

Kadinjaca WW2 memorial site


The memorial complex is dedicated to the Partisan fighters of Workers' Battalion of Uzice who were killed on 29th November 1941 in the battles at Kadinjaca. At the beginning of World War 2, the Republic of Uzice was the first liberated territory in Europe and served as a haven for the Supreme Staff of the Partisan units headed by Josip Broz Tito. The Partisans were defending the Republic of Uzice to secure the retreat of the Supreme Staff from Uzice towards Sandzak. This legendary Partisan feat served as the basis for the 1974 film Uzicka republika directed by Zika Mitrovic (b. 1921, d. 2005). The elaborate architectural-sculptural design of the monument covering 15 ha was created between 1952 and 1979. The first memorial for this legendary heroic event dates to 1952 when an ossuary with the remains of the fighters killed in action and a monument shaped as a four-sided pyramid were erected, based on the designs by sculptor Stevan Zivanovic. The pyramid measures 11m in height and contains engraved stanzas from "Kadinjaca", a poem by Uzice poet Slavko Vukosavljevic (b. 1927, d. 2004).


Departure from Belgrade at 08.00 (hotel pick up).  Arrival to the Drina river vailley around 11.00, visit to the shortest river in Serbia called  "Vrelo", short break and prepare for easy rafting adventure. 12.00-15.00 easy rafting with the breaks in beautiful surroundings. The length of rafting is around 3 hours. Lunch time  is organized after the tour in one of the river restaurants with the view onto the unique attraction of the area – the miniature house in the middle of the river Drina. Time for relax near the river and return to Belgrade in the evening 5:30-21:30 with the stope at Kadinjaca WW2 memorial site. Hotel drop off.



- Who can come along?  The program is especially suitable for companies and team building events, small groups, friends and family.

- Equipment: a dry change of clothes after the adventure, a hat, a sun cream, a spare pair of footwear,
swimming gear

- Ecology: Please take the litter you tend to make with you to throw away in designated dustbins.

- Notes: According to the weather, program schedule is subject to minor changes. There is an option for a two-day expedition so contact us for more information.


Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

Tour Map:

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