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Angloland Learn Serbian - Phrases of the week 9

Updated: May 6, 2021

PUSTITI KORENJE this phrase literally means - to grow roots , to settle down in one place , to become set in one’s ways and resistant to move or change; pustiti means to let something grow , koren means a root and korenje is its plural form.

POZNAVATI NEŠTO kao SOPSTVENI DŽEP this phrase literally means - to know something as if it were your own pocket . Its equivalent in English is to know something ‘inside out’ , to know something very well; poznavati means to know, nešto means something, sopsteveni means one’s own and džep means a pocket.

DIŽE MI SE KOSA NA GLAVI od toga/njega/nje this phrase literally means - something makes your hair rise i.e. something or somebody makes your hair ‘stand on end ' to refer to the situations or people who make you upset or angry; dizati means to raise, to lift; kosa means hair ; glava means head and na means a preposition ‘on’; naglavi is used here in its form in the prepositional phrase with the on preposition.

PADA KIŠA kao iz KABLA od this phrase literally means It’s raining as if the rain were/was coming from a bucket or a kettle and metaphorically it means ‘ it’ s bucketing down, it is teeming with rain, it is raining heavily,padati means to fall, kiša means rain, kabao, kabal means an old traditional bucket.

MAJMUNSKA POSLA this phrase literally means ‘monkey business’ and it refers to the situation or circumstances which are as if it were/was a madhouse surrounded by people who seem to have lost their mind :) and who don’t seem to know what they are doing .majmun means monkey , posao means work and business , poslovi is its plural form , and posla is a colloquial version of its plural in its genitive grammar case.

adapted and submitted by Natasha from Angloland

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