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The best breakfast in the world - "komplet lepinja!

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

"Komplet lepinja" is the best breakfast in the world!!! 🍴

This traditional specialty of the Western Serbia region has just been declared "the best breakfast in the world" for the year 2023, according to the online gastronomic guide "Atlas of Taste".

It is an online travel guide to traditional food that collects authentic recipes, food critic reviews and research articles on popular ingredients and dishes.

The list of the best foods is based on user ratings, which adds value to the objectivity of this award. For the list of "100 best breakfasts in the world" until the end of November 2023, 22.169 ratings were registered, of which the voting system accepted 15,007 votes. As they say from this company, the idea of this vote is to promote quality local food and to motivate people to constantly try some new flavors and specialties.

komplet lepinja
komplet lepinja

Read below what they said about the "komplet lepinja", which is, of course, an integral part of our tours and experiences when we are touring Western Serbia:

This delicacy consists of a traditional flatbread (lepinja) that is cut in half, coated in thick cream (kajmak), and topped with an egg. The combination is shortly baked and should be doused with a mixture of warm meat drippings, which is locally known as pretop. Komplet can be loosely translated as with everything in it, and is traditionally associated with Užice and Zlatibor. It is believed to have originated sometime before WWII, and the name was officially registered by Dragan Lazić, a current owner of the bakery Kod Šuljage in Užice. 

Our tours sometimes include gastronomy workshops, and guess what we make for breakfast? :) Join us and we will prepare one "komplet" together!

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