Tesla tour

Discover the legacy of one of the greatest and most inspiring scientists of the second half of the XIX and first half of the XX century, enter the world of Tesla's patents and his glittering mind and enjoy the food that Nikola Tesla loved...On this tour you are going to visit Tesla's museum and a unique Tesla restaurant with a mini museum setting and special recipes that followed Tesla's life and movement.


The Nikola Tesla Museum was conceived from the outset as a complex institution, encompassing cultural, educational, scientific and memorial functions. This largely determined its original vision and mission. As a cultural institution, the Museum deals with the protection and presenta-tion of Tesla’s legacy. In the scientific field, the Museum carries out re-search and publishes Tesla’s original works, while staff and associates take part in scientific conferences at which research results are present-ed. The Museum also holds the remains of Nikola Tesla, which makes it one of the few museums in the world which has a memorial as well as a technical function.

The universal connectedness of modern society, together with the ex-traordinary interest of people around the world, particularly the young, in Tesla’s personality and work, today give a special validity to the original concept of the Museum’s social role. It may also be said that the modern vision and mission of the Museum are defined jointly by the staff and the interested public both in Serbia and abroad. 

Since October 9, 1969, the Museum has been the property of the City of Belgrade, having been transferred from the federal government by an agreement promulgated in the Official Gazette of the Yugoslav Government.
The Nikola Tesla Museum is today, by any criteria, a scientific and cultural institution which is unique in Serbia and the world. It is the only museum preserving the original and personal legacy of Nikola Tesla. Its holdings include the following exceptionally valuable collections:
•    more than 160,000 original documents
•    more than 2,000 books and periodicals
•    more than 1,200 historical and technical exhibits
•  more than 1,500 photographs and glass photographic plates of original technical items, instruments and devices
•    more than 1,000 plans and drawings.

Recognizing the universal importance of Nikola Tesla and his creation, on 16th October 2003 UNESCO included Tesla's archive, as a part of the movable documentary heritage of mankind in the Register "Memory of the World".

On our way to Tesla restaurant we will pass by Tesla's munument standing in front of Faculty of Civil Engineering and just before Tesla vege food tour you will experience some of his inventions and experiments...



Price per person:

100 € (1 pax), 70 € (2 pax), 60 € (3 pax), 50 € (4-7 pax), 45 € (8-20 pax)


Duration: 4 hours

Operation months and days:

Every Day except Monday

Start: 15-18h

*For groups more than 10 people  start time flexible


  • English-speaking tour guide,

  • Tesla museum tickets

  • Tesla food experience (5 sections)

  • Museum tour in Tesla restaurant

  • Transfer from Tesla Museum to Tesla restaurant

Reservations required latest 24 in advance.

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