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Treasures of Eastern Serbia - 2.5.2022.
1 day SHARED tour (min 3 pax)

Manasija monastery

Eastern Serbia seems to be hiding a real treasure in its cossetted away chambers – a  unique combination of nature and cultural mixture, join small group shared tour on 2nd May 2022!

Manasija monastery


On this tour you are going to visit Manasija monastery - also known as Resava, a Serbian Orthodox monastery near Despotovac town, founded by Despot Stefan Lazarevic between 1406 and 1418. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, it is one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture and it belongs to the "Morava school".

Resava cave


The Resava cave, one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Serbia, is 4.5 km long. However, only 2,830 meters of the cave have been researched, and visitors can go as long as 800 meters deep into it. The Resava is one of the oldest caves in the country (around 80 million years old). The temperature in it is constantly around 7°C, while the air humidity varies from 80 to 100%. The interior of the cave has numerous and varied halls, canals, galleries, columns, stalactites, stalagmites, natural drape like formations and petrified waterfalls. Because of its riches and varied colors, the Resava Cave earned an attribute “the beauty from the Resava”.


Lisine waterfall

In Lisine, the 25-metre high "Veliki buk"  waterfall, Serbia’s most visited waterfall, was long considered the highest waterfall in the country, until   the waterfalls on Stara Planina and Kopaonik were stumbled across. In the nearby restaurants you can taste fresh trout or some grilled meat specialties from this region.


Krupaj springs

The Krupaj springs are one of the natural curiosities and features of this region. With its splendid beauty, these springs form a lake on its surface and irresistibly lure an unwary traveller to the depths of the forests, to its water and crispy mountain air. The thermal spring watercomplete with health properties mixed with the cold spring water from the Krupaj springs, seem to complete the picture of this almost mythical scenery. Close by there is a strong thermal spring with water temperature of 26.50C, and is protected as a natural heritage of national importance. Researchers into this spring have so far reached a depth of 123 meters.


Departure from Belgrade at 8h, transfer to Manasija monastery 8-10h. Sightseeing of Manasija 10-11h. Transfer and visit to Resava cave 11-13h. Visit to waterfall Lisine 13-13:30h. Free time for lunch in the restaurant nearby the waterfalls 13:30-15:00h. Transfer to Krupaj spring with sightseeing 15-17h with Transfer back to Belgrade 17:00-19:30h.

Price per person:

  • 70 € (min. 3 pax, max 20 pax)



  • English-speaking guide

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car)

  • Entrance tickets to Resava cave and Lisine waterfall

  • Tour organization


Not included: lunch and tips

Duration: 12 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Start: 8 am

Total transfer time: 5 hours


Date: 2.5.2022.

Thank you for your enquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

Tour Map:

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