The unexplored gems of Fruska Gora - 1 day


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Interesting sights, exceptional nature, thermal water, delicious food and great wines are something you will experience on this tour. Indulge yourself in the magic of Fruska Gora!


Highlights: Zasavica, Sirmium, Deuric winery, Vrdnik, spa, monastery


Zasavica - special nature reserve


Preserved authentic landscapes, folklore and cultural-historical monuments, describe Zasavica as unique and complete touristic entirety. Picturesque mosaic of forests, meadows, river banks and the river itself, abundance of plants and animals, traditional way of life on the river presented in folklore and everyday life, as well, historical heritage dating from ancient time, offer to the visitors rare, attractive and unique experiences during the whole year.

For its biodiversity, presence of relict, endemic and rare species and their communities, insufficient knowledge of some groups (e. g. insects), the possibility to study inter- and intraspecific relations, interactions of biotic and abiotic factors, the area can be designated as one of interest for science and suitable for scientific research. Sport fisherman will find specially designed locations, where they can catch, with a little luck, carp, pike and golden carp.

For the admirers of photo-safari the boat sailing is a true pleasure, because nature will leave you breathless. And, beside natural beauty, cuisine is special attraction.


Imperial palace Sremska Mitrovica - Sirmium


The first archaeological excavations in Sirmium began in 1957, at  the Imperial Palace.  The site was discovered accidentally during construction of an apartment building on that location.  Work was initially stopped temporarily, then permanently when massive walls, a system of radiant heating and floor mosaics were uncovered.  The later discovery of the Roman circus (a hippodrome in the Greek-speaking part of the Empire) immediately adjacent to the palace provided conclusive evidence to identify the structure as an imperial palace.

The palace-circus architectural complex is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Sremska Mitrovica.  It was built at the end of the third or beginning of the fourth century in the southeast, elite section of the city, along the Sava river.  A new city defensive wall protected this part of the city.
Imperial palaces in the Roman empire had formal spaces for the emperor’s administrative functions (the official part) and also private quarters where the emperor and his family lived (the residential part).  The circuses built right next to the palaces represent the official structure for the ceremonial presentation of the ruler to his people. 

On the archaeological site today only part of the imperial palace complex can be seen.  The walls and pavements preserved there represent for the most part the residential quarters of the palace.  Evidence of the luxurious interior decoration there is provided by the fragments of frescoes, mosaic pavements and architectural ornament in various kinds of stone which were imported from different parts of the empire:  Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy.  Installations for a radiant heating system were uncovered beneath almost every floor in the palace.  The long duration and frequent use of the palace are documented by the numerous structural repairs, mosaic pavements in several levels and the large quantity of archaeological artifacts recovered.

Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery


Also called Little Ravanica is a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Vrdnik in the Fruška Gora mountains in the northern Serbia, in the province of Vojvodina. The exact date of its founding is unknown. The records indicate that the church was built at the time of Metropolitan Serafim Jovanović, in the second half of the 16th century. The present church in the monastery was constructed in the period from 1801 to 1811. The icons on the altar screen and the vaults were painted by Dimitrije Avramović in 1853. Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.


Deuric Winery


Today a mountain slope, in the past a green island in the middle of the Pannonian Sea, created the perfect conditions for us to grow apples and grapes exactly on this fertile land. Exceptional location and natural features, particularly those of the southeast slopes of Fruška Gora, have been known and used for ages. Located on the sunny, south slopes of Fruška Gora, at the height of 250 meters above sea level, the vineyards of the winery Deurić are the basis for the production of the best quality wine in one of the best known vineyards of Serbia.   

The area of 13.5 ha is used for cultivating white grape varieties Rhein Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay and red varieties Probus, Merlot, Pinot Noir.

Vrdnik spa

As the unique air spa in this part of Europe with the widely known hot thermal water and the largest number of sunny hours in Vojvodina is an ideal place for  recovery and enjoyment.

Built on the source of medicinal thermal water, the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Termal in the Vrdnik Spa, in addition to enjoying the pleasant natural environment and comfortable accommodation with friendly staff, offers, above all, the possibility of recovery with a top medical team of experts who have the most up-to-date equipment and methods.

Famous for the largest indoor pool in Serbia, Termal also offers you an outdoor Olympic pool as well as outdoor and indoor children's pools. With 32.8 ° C hot water, all swimming pools offer you the ultimate in pleasure, and a specialized therapeutic pool and recovery to your needs.


Departure from Belgrade at 9am and transfer to Sremska Mitrovica. Sightseeing of archeological site Sirmium 10:00-10:45h. Transfer to Zasavica special nature reserve 10:45-11:00h. Sightseeing with boat cruise 11:00-12:00h. Departure to Fruška mountain 12:00h. Visit to Deurić winery 12:45-13:30h. Lunch at Fruškogorska lugarnica 13:30-15:00h. Transfer to Vrdnik spa with stop to visit Vrdnik monastery 15:00-16:00h. Spa time 16:00-18:00h. Transfer back to Belgrade and arrival around 19:30h. End of the program.


Price per person:

240 € (1 pax), 140 € (2 pax), 110 € (3 pax), 95 € (4-7 pax), 80 € (8-20 pax)



  • Transfer (by car, van, minibus, AC)

  • English-speaking tour guide,

  • Entrances: Vrdnik spa, Zasavica special nature reserve and Imperial palace Sirmium

  • Boat cruise

  • Wine tasting in Deurić winery

  • Lunch (starter, main course, salad, desert, one drink)

  • Tour organization


Not included:

  • Personal costs

  • Tips


Duration: 10-11 hours

Total transfer time: 4 hours


Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade


Operation months: April - October

Tour Map:

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