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Мы страстные путешественники и не представляем своей жизни без путешествий. Мы хотим показать вам сербские направления такими, какими мы их видим, с подлинными впечатлениями и незабываемыми моментами, которые навсегда останутся в вашем сердце.


Познакомьтесь с некоторыми из наших гидов ниже, они хотят показать вам некоторые вдохновляющие места в Сербии.

Meet The Team


Darko Gavrilovic

Born in Uzice in West Serbia.

If you are a true lover of nature, a lover of active vacation or just want to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural attractions, come and join me, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to some of the most picturesque landscapes of Serbia.

ivan marinkovic.jpg

Ivan Marinkovic

Totally addicted to discovering, history, customs and beauty of my homeland, I try to pass it on further on every tour I get the chance to guide. Join me and fall in love with this unique piece of land which has its own identity, culture and mentality which you must meet from the first hand in order to understand it in the right way. I don't see guiding tours as a job, I consider it a mission - so, welcome aboard!

Nemanja Vasic guide.jpg

Nemanja Vasic

I studied tourism in Belgrade and I live my dream working as a tourist guide. My  specialties are history, ethnography and geography. I enjoy in sports events, music and nightlife. See you somewhere in Serbia.

Katarina Knezevic.jpg

Katarina Knezevic

Hello! Through the natural beauty of wild Serbia, with rich history, fantastic food and drinks, incredible socializing and Serbian hospitality, come with me in an unforgettable adventure!

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