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A bottled poetry wine tour - 1 day
Private tour


Price per person:

  • 250 € (1 pax)

  • 160 € (2 pax)

  • 120 € (3 pax)

  • 100 € (4-7 pax)

  • 80 € (8-20 pax)



  • English-speaking guide,

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car),

  • Wine tasting in Radovanovic winery

  • Wine tasting with lunch in Gitaric winery

  • All taxes and tour organization


Duration: 8 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Total transfer time: 3 hours


Operating months: March-November

Radovanovic wine cellar

 In 1990, in the well preserved vineyard of his grandfather's, in Krnjevo, the heart of Šumadija, Miodrag Mija Radovanović established "Podrum Radovanović", the first Serbian privately owned winery striving to make high quality wines. As one of the best and most experienced Serbian viticulturists, Miodrag Radvanović knew how to combine the abundance of nature and serious and systematic work, first in the vineyard, and then in the cellar as well. The primary and only goal of using modern technology in winery Radovanovic is to preserve what grapes give us when it is harvested and to create a distinct link between its best characteristics and those reflected in wines.

There are 30 hectares of wineyards that are scattered along the slopes of 220 metres high hills in a vast valley in the heart of Šumadija , on the soil where first vineyards were planted back in 1831.

Southeastern exposition of the vineyards planted in white varieties and southwestern orientation of the plots with red varieties enable good exposition of grapes to the sun, which, together with specific and favourable geological and climate characteristics of this area provide excellent conditions for a proper and healthy growth of the vine, as well as for good ripening of grapes. The result is a high percentage of sugar in the grapes, in some years even up to 25-26%, which is an extraordinary potential for the creation of strong, complex wines with distinctive character.


The wine cellar "Dionis" is located in Smederevo village Dobri Do. This village, founded by the ancestors of Gitarić, Karađorđević's close relatives, about 250 years ago, provides exceptional conditions for every aspect of agricultural production. A long time ago, there were vineyards in the era of ancient Rome. Later, in the Middle Ages, the great contribution to the development of viticulture in this part of Serbia was given by despot Đuradj Branković. And in the last few decades, here are trying to preserve the tradition of this production in this region. The vineyards and orchards of the cellar "Dionis" are located on sunny slopes and the valleys of Dobri Dol. The old family estate has now been turned into vineyards, cherries, plums, pears and apricots. Serious production of drinks started in 1989. Nowadays, drinkers can enjoy, and explore the tastes and fragrances of natural brandy and wines produced by the Gitarić winery technology. What is specific is that from the very beginning, they have created highly professional production conditions, because it is always the goal of the owners and the founders of the cellar to make this production serious, original, based on traditional methods, but keeping track of contemporary trends. Currently, there are 7 hectares of vineyards and about 9 hectares of fruit. The products are distinguished: BRANDY: Viljamovka, Kajsijevaca, Dunjevac, Lozovaca, Sljivovica and  WINES: Sovinjon white, Sovinjon black, Rizling italian, Merlo, Prokupac, Muscat hamburg, Smederevka.


Departure from Belgrade at 10:00h. Transfer to Krnjevo and visit to Radovanović winery. Wine tasting 11:30-12:30h. Transfer to Dobri Do 12:30-13:00h. Wine tasting in Gitarić winery and lunch 13:00-16:00h. Transfer back to Belgrade 16:00-17:30h End of the program.

Tour map:

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