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Prolom spa
Tucked away jewel of southern Serbia


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Hidden on the slopes of Mount Radan in southern Serbia, Prolom Spa is a place we warmly recommend you to visit, both because of the healing traits of its waters as well as of the beautiful nature that surrounds it. About 20 km from Kursumlija town and at an altitude of about 600 m, Prolom Spa will surely surprise you with its beauty and opportunities for a quality wellness vacation, treatment programs, but also with tourist attractions in the area that you can visit.

After the World War 2, Prolom Banja experienced rapid development, it belongs to a rare group of waters of high balneological values, low-mineralized and highly alkaline (pH 8.8-9.2). Thanks to these characteristics, Prolom water helps in the treatment of diseases of the organs and urinary tract, diseases of the digestive organs, skin diseases, as well as inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism. For all those who come for treatment, health programs are at a very high level of organization and contribute to a better treatment effect. When we add to all that a stay in the fresh air and the untouched nature of Prolom Banja, we get a real healing pearl of Serbia. In order to make the best use of every day spent in it, medical examinations and treatments are performed on weekends and holidays.


Wellness center covers an area of ​​2000m2 on three levels. Wellness facilities make up the first level of our wellness center, and has the following facilities: Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi pool, Tepidarium, salt room, steam bath and outdoor pool with a spacious terrace.

Finnish sauna

The air temperature is between 80 and 100 ° C and a stay of 15 minutes is recommended. The heat of the sauna speeds up blood circulation, which leads to the release of toxins and improved circulation. It strengthens the immune system, relaxes the body from tension and stress, and the skin gets a healthy glow, tone and elasticity.

Jacuzzi pool with Prolom water

The Jacuzzi pool contains massagers and Prolom water temperatures from 33° C to 35° C. Staying in the pool has a positive effect on the nervous system, metabolic processes and fitness, and due to its high balneological values, Prolom water will have a positive effect on your skin, muscle, nephrology and gastroenterology system.


Deckchairs heated from 37° C to 39° C warm the body without sweating, widening blood vessels, improving blood flow and boosting immunity. The heat of the deckchairs has a very pleasant effect on the nervous system and restores the body to its natural balance. Due to its positive and calming effect on the body, it is recommended for people of all ages.

Outdoor - indoor pool

The pool is filled with Prolom water temperature 32° C, which allows swimming during the winter months. In this way, we have united the power of swimming, as one of the healthiest physical activities, and the mineral Prolom water. Emerging from Prolom Water with an unforgettable view of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, as the heart of Prolom Spa, is a unique experience.

Steam bath

Steam or Turkish bath is a type of sauna in which high humidity is up to 100%, and a temperature of 40-50 ° C. Estimated stay is up to 20 minutes. It is especially recommended for people who have problems with the respiratory tract, but also for healthy people, for detoxification of the lungs and the whole organism.


In the ambience created for real hedonists, on the second level of the wellness center Prolom Banja, there are Wellness LUX facilities: bio sauna, infrared sauna, Prolom sea, salt room, steam bath, tepidariums, with all the facilities of the first level of the wellness center. Fruit basket, relaxing music and peace - your body will be grateful.


Bio sauna

The air temperature in the bio sauna is between 55° and 60° C, and the air humidity is 35-50%, which has a beneficial effect on the body and opens the skin pores. It is intended for people who are particularly sensitive and find it harder to tolerate the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna.

Infrared sauna

The temperature in the infrared sauna is from 50° to 60° C, and the recommended stay is from 20 to 30 minutes. Infrared radiation penetrates deep into our joints, skin, muscles and tissues, speeding up circulation and better supply of tissues and organs with oxygen.

Prolom sea

Combination of the unique composition of Prolom water with the benefits of staying in salty sea water and made it for you - Prolom sea. Temperatures from 33° to 35° C, Prolom water in combination with sea salt, has a positive effect on the skin and regenerates the body, and staying in the water relieves the body from tension and stress.

Salt room

It is one of the oldest forms of air therapy, modeled on salt caves and has a healing effect on health and the respiratory system. The halogen generator blows dry, saturated air, enriched with the finest particles of rock salt, which achieves the desired micro climate of the room. The temperature in the salt room is 18°-25° C, and the humidity is 40-60%. A stay of up to 20 minutes is planned, and it is recommended for both children and adults.

Kneipp track

Kneipp trail consists of alternately arranged pools with hot and cold water, 20-40 cm deep. The temperature of cold water is about 20° C, and warm about 50° C. The bottom of the riverbed is strewn with small and larger stones, with mild edges. Proper walking through the water for 15 minutes stimulates the reflex zone on the feet and improves circulation.

Relax zone with tepidariums

In a quiet room with sun loungers heated from 37° C to 39° C. The heat of the loungers warms the body to a temperature ideal for relaxation, but without overheating. Glass portals open the view like the surrounding nature, which creates an atmosphere ideal for releasing stress and finding inner balance.


The sense of aesthetics and the pursuit of beauty never leaves us, so it is important for us that you feel good in your skin. For the finest moments, aesthetic treatments are at your disposal, an infrared capsule, a quantum room, a manicure and pedicure salon and waxing are available.

Aesthetic treatments

Radio-wave surgery - a modern surgical technique to remove benign skin changes. High frequency radio waves act safely, painlessly and efficiently on the desired field, with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. It is intended for the removal of all types of warts, seborrheic keratosis, papillomas, fibromas, atheromas, syringomas and xanthelasma.

Diamond microdermabrasion - a very mild and non-aggressive method of removing dead cells from the surface layer of the skin, which improves its texture. It is effective in reducing enlarged pores, regulating skin oil, correcting small wrinkles, superficial scars and hyperpigmentation. It can be applied to the regions of the face, neck, back, elbows, thighs.


Infrared capsule - highly designed device for relaxation, revitalization and healthy weight loss without strenuous exercise. The treatments in this magic capsule are the most perfect system for reducing body weight, eliminating cellulite and alleviating stretch marks and scars. During only one treatment of 30 min. you can burn about 600 calories, and after the first treatment you lose 1-4cm (250-300g).

Quantum room - PXD therapeutic plate works by creating a metal lattice with nanocrystals of metals applied to the plate plus a polarized magnetic field that emits beneficial energy to diseased cells. It helps with headaches, depression, bronchitis, asthma, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, inflammatory processes. Confirmed to strengthen the immune system, circulation and respiratory system. As the medicine of the 21st century, the quantum room restores energy balance to your body.


Manicure, pedicure and waxing - for the care of our ladies' nails, a manicure and pedicure salon is also available. Treatments are performed according to the appointment system at the wellness reception service. You can schedule waxing treatment in the same way.

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