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Serbian evening experience
music, dance, food, drinks and more

Kraljevo kolo
Djordje Stojkovic
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An exclusive artistic program in the Serbian national spirit, in the elegant ambience of old Belgrade, with dishes and drinks from traditional folk cuisine (which belongs to you – as our dear guest), will make you experience moments of authentic Serbian humor, music and dance, that will make your visit to the capital city of Serbia unforgettable. Spend a wonderful evening enjoying the program, in which dancers that are members of the famous folklore ensemble “Ivo Lola Ribar”, who have performed with great success all over the world. During the 60-minute program, you will be able to enjoy the “King’s Carriage” dance, which opened the balls at the Serbian court. You will have the opportunity to learn about the temperamental folk dances and picturesque folk costumes of various parts of Serbia. Good entertainment will be provided by our gifted actor, who will lead the program in English (and, if necessary, in Serbian), with great witticisms, jokes and a humorous view of the Serbian mentality. At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to learn the steps of the favorite Serbian folk dance as well as to take photos in order to immortalize this amazing experience with the people who welcomed you as a dear friend and helped you remember a wonderful evening for the rest of your life.


Why to choose Serbian evening experience?

    We know that time is precious to all tourists. That's why we designed our program so that in 60 minutes you will receive and experience:

  An insight into the rich and diverse national heritage of Serbia

  A piece of a ball atmosphere at the Serbian royal court

  Moments of effective humor and great performances of our showman-singer

  A selection of the most delicious dishes of the traditional Serbian cuisine

  The opportunity to take part in the most popular Serbian dance

  Taking photos with our esteemed artists

  The chance to buy unique souvenirs and products from Serbia

  If you want us to organize a group program for at a time that suits you, please feel free to contact us.

What's on the menu?

    You will have a chance to taste original Serbian dishes that have won over millions of visitors. Those are:


  • Sušenica - dried meat product obtained by smoke drying meat, according to a special ancient method;

  • Zlatibor cheese - made from cows milk that graze in meadows above 1,000 meters above sea level, which are rich in ingredients of medicinal mountain herbs that give a very characteristic taste.

  • Pirot cheese - a delicacy sought after all over the world, which is prepared with unique skills of the people of the Pirot region in the south of Serbia, which is included in the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia.Pirot chees

  • Ajvar - a specialty of Balkan cuisine, made from roasted red peppers, often with eggplant. (In addition to many different salad dishes).

  • Kajmak - a delicious, highly sought-after export product of Serbian peasants living in the mountains, which is obtained by collecting the rind, i.e., fat on the surface of boiled and cooled milk (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo). In rural households, it is still produced using the traditional method. In 2016, Kajmak was included in the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia.

  • Proja - bread made from coarsely ground corn flour, salt and water, a very important component of our national diet, which today is treated as a luxury appetizer in cities, along with cheese and plum wine. (There are many different varieties of proja mixed with cheese, yogurt, salami, cucumber, or dry pepper).

  • Sarma - traditional Serbian, but also Greek and Turkish dish, very popular in the Balkans; it is usually made from sauerkraut leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice. In some parts of Serbia and Greece, sarma is made from vine leaves. Sarma is a common dish at Serbian festivals and celebrations.

  • Leskovački uštipak - Delicious minced meat balls with bacon and cheese, - a Leskovac delicacy.

  • Vanilice - traditional finger cakes in Serbia, which are served at celebrations, during all family gatherings and holidays, Christmas, Easter, and New Year. These finger cakes have been declared the best small treat in the world, according to research by the culinary site.  

  • Raspberry juice - Serbia is ranked among the top three countries in the world for the production of raspberries, i.e. "red gold", along with Chile and Poland. Proud of such a high range and accolades, we are pleased to offer you to try this particular juice.   

  • Rose juice - an ancient mythical symbol of love and beauty, sugar-rose juice (djulbe) is indispensable in the Serbian folk tradition. The residents of Tutin and Sjenica are known for their original way of preparing juice from rose petals. The jars with rose petals are placed on the windows of their houses, during the summer days, when they are illuminated by the strong heat of the sun, which in turn over time release a pink color and give a special aroma to this natural drink. We offer you Jastrebac rose juice.

  • Sljivovica - alcoholic drink made from plums. Serbia is ranked second in the world in the production of this drink, because it has around 42 million trees of this fruit. Plum brandy is included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as an element of the traditional creative potential of the people, which combines complex knowledge and skills for production in rural households. Sljivovica is the most popular Serbian drink, without which no festive gatherings, meetings or holidays can be imagined.

  • Medovaca - brandy made from enriched honey, highly valued for centuries due to its medicinal effect.

  • Red wine Prokupac - quality dry red wine from indigenous grape variety of Serbia. Natural wine, without additives and industrial interventions, whose taste has won many awards at the world exhibitions and tastings.

  • White wine Tamjanika - wine also produced from indigenous grape varieties of Serbia. A favorite among the Serbian people. Serbs are particularly proud of their native grapes and of the fact that for centuries we have been making wine from these grapes, which have been called the "Queen of Serbian Wines".

Price per person:  55 €

Included: dinner, drinks, music and dance show, actors

Duration: 90 min

Operation months:

All year along. 


Reservations required latest 2 days in advance.

Location: Street Resavska 1, Belgrade

Start: 18:45h

Transfer on request.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

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