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Atomic Spa Gornja Trepca  Special Clinic for Rehabilitation

atomska banja
gornja trepca
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Special clinic for rehabilitation Gornja Trepca Atomic Spa is located on the slopes of the Vujan and Bukovik mountains in Šumadija, at 460 m above sea level and only 140 km from Belgrade.


Specific balneological characteristics, thermo-mineral water of the spa, which is slightly alkaline, hydro-carbonate, oligo-mineral and acratothermic, with a temperature of 29.8 degrees Celsius, make this spa unique in Serbia. The concentration of micro and macro elements, as well as radioactive elements and their interaction have a positive effect on the human body, especially on nerve and muscle tissues. The spa is especially recognizable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.


The water from the mineral springs of Gornja Trepca was found to be slightly radioactive because, in addition to the usual minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, barium, iron, silver, manganese, aluminum, lead, chromium, nickel and others, it also contains very rare, almost unknown elements such as celsium, rubidium, lithium, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, uranium, radon and radium.


Located in the valley of the river Banja with extremely favorable climate it can be freely said that this spa is an ideal place for every person exposed to stress and the harmful effects of everyday life.


THERAPIES - hydro, Chinese, electro, horizontal, laser, magneto, ultrasound, vacuum cleaner, manual massage


ORTHOKIN THERAPY - osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle; traumatic joint cartilage injuries; luboishialgia; traumatic muscle ruptures; pathological changes of tendons and ligaments; other inflammatory and posttraumatic conditions


DIAGNOSTICS - laboratory, ultrasound, specialist and subspecialist clinics


PROGRAMS FOR ATHLETES - prevention of sports injuries; balneo physical therapy of painful conditions and sports injuries; preoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation of athletes; postoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation of athletes; orthokin therapy

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