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Belgrade Kayak Adventure
Private tour


Price per person: 30 €


Duration: Around 2,5 hours



  • Kayaking equipment

  • English-speaking tour guide

Operating months: May - October


Time: Flexibly, on request


Min. 2 max. 30 persons


Optional, rent a kayak: 30 € per day (one person kayak), 40 € (two persons kayak)

Optional transfer: 5 € / person one direction - from any part of Belgrade

Whether you are experienced in kayaking or not, you are going to feel the wonder of shuffling through water and seeing the beauty of the wildlife in and around the water. Be it the lakes or slow- or fast-moving rivers – it doesn’t really matter, you are bound to enjoy it. Our kayaks are light in weight and maneuverable.



There are 2 kayak tours:

1. Belgrade bridges on the Sava River, around Ada lake, with view on the Ada Medjica and both New and Old Belgrade.


2. Belgrade bridges on the Sava river, Belgrade fortress and confuluence of Danube and Sava rivers, Big war island.

Starting point: below the Ada Bridge


Necessary equipment:  a change of dry clothes after the adventure, a hat, a suntan lotion


You can enjoy this adventure on your own or in the company of your significant others.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.


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