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Fairy Tale Sombor Tour - 1 day
Private tour


Fairy tale tour around the greenest town of Europe

Sombor, a town of  rich cultural heritage, the keeper of old tradition in silent testimony of its  checkered history in which many an artist and poet has found their well known peace and quite exuding from  the lowlands where they created their most renowned masterpieces.

Sombor is well known for its greenery, to be more precise by their ‘bodjoshi’ trees,  which had been brought over from the valley of the Mississipi as early as 1903; therefore  it duly bears the title of the greenest town in Europe. Lest we forget, there is an old ..fijaker i.e. a carriage , which even in this day and age vaguely wanders the city streets preserving the traditons of the bygone times.



Departure from Belgrade, traveling along the Belgrade – Subotica highway, which is about two and a half hour bus ride to our starting point.

►about 10:30

Expected time of arrival to Sombor and refreshments with the famous Sombor icecream.

► 11:00

A visit to and viewing of the biggest painting in Serbia  - the impressive painting of Battle of Senta .

► 11:30

A walking tour and visiting the most beautiful city attractions in the centre of Sombor

► 13:00

Sombor viewed from a boat - going sailing with our ever cheerful captain , who named this vessel after his beloved wife Tatjana and the story of a famous Great Canal of Backa , connecting the Danube and the Tisa rivers, shortening the sailing length to  200 km.


Lunch time in the warmest salash “ Nas salash Sombor’ where the hosts in a fairy tale garden welcome their guests


A ride by the famous fijaker (a horsedawn carriage ) of Sombor

► 17:00

Listening to tamburica music instrument coupled with sparkling wine from the north of Backa.

Return later in the day or in the evening

"U tom Somboru"  - In that Sombor town

Sombor is today a modern town which seems to have retained its patina and the charm of the times gone by, a green oasis .of bodjoshi its lanes and garlands has preserved the shaded arched public park called perivoj  where  even in this day and age a  fijaker goes by, keeping the legend of Sombor, Ravangrad and Zelengrad, as a  mythical abode, .the beauty of which has been woven into verses , as if it were an invite  and most certainly a welcome

"U tom Somboru svega na volju;
Ko kroz njega jednom prođe, 
Taj će opet da nam dođe, 
Zavoleće ga."


Interesting details

1 Photo The Battle at Senta – by  a Hungarian artist of German descent Ferenz Eisenhut  is thought to be  the greatest oil canvas not only in Serbia but in the ex Yugoslavia region as well.  The gilt frame being  a piece of art in itself, this photo of the  dimensions 7x 4 meters, takes up the area of 40 square meters . It is on display in the building of Sombor Town Hall , which the Somborians of today call ‘Zupanija’  and for 11 years of it being there  it has never been restored. It never ceases to amaze us as to how it’s been hauled over and taken  inside

Translation support Angloland

Price per person:

  • 200 € (1 pax)

  • 120 € (2 pax)

  • 95 € (3 pax)

  • 80 € (4-7 pax)

  • 70 € (8-20 pax)



  • English-speaking tour guide

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car)

  • All entrance tickets

  • Boat ride  (60 minutes)

  • Fiacre tour (carriage tour)

  • Tour organization


Not included: lunch and tips

Duration: 12 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Total transfer time: 5 hours


Operating months: April - October

Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

Tour Map:

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