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Flavors of Belgrade - food tour
Private tour


Join our magical pathways of flavors of Belgrade and explore the local cuisine! We take you to hidden places where you will taste authentic dishes from Serbia and the Balkans, drink Serbian brandy - rakija (a strong alcoholic drink similar to a plum brandy), get to know the culture and lifestyle of Belgradians along the way and sweeten it all with delicious Serbian desserts.

We offer a variety of domestic dishes, snacks and beverages served in 6 authentic places, we show you what life in Belgrade is like today and how it came to be and we also tell you a few stories about it. During the tour we also tell you about some of the main sights of Belgrade we pass by.

We spice up every bite with stories dear to Serbian hearts. To experience the full flavor of Serbian lifestyle and cultural heritage we invite you to places that make you feel like you are in a Serbian home. We invite you to participate in customs related to wining and dining. After our tour you will know when and how to drink rakija, how to get the folk band of musicians sing you a song in a kafana, how to write in Cyrillic, what to bring as a present to a Serbian "slava" and how to learn to dance on a Serbian wedding celebration. Join us for a unique tour of Belgrade you will surely remember.

Price per person:

  • 80 € (2 pax)

  • 75 € (3 pax)

  • 70 € (4-6 pax)

  • 65 € (7-10 pax)



  • Food equivalent to breakfast and lunch;

  • 5-6 venues;

  • 4 drinks;

  • 1 souvenir;

  • English-speaking tour guide;

  • Tour organization.


Duration: 4 hours

Starting time:  flexible

Starting point:  City center

Ending point:  City center

Days: Every day, at least 48 hours reservation in advance



  • Vegetarian / food intolerance options available

  • It's possible to increase or decrease the number of venues visited and types of food tasted, as well as the duration of the tour. The price would then be adjusted accordingly.

*Please contact us if you want tailore-made tour with different duration

Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

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