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Ovcar-Kablar gorge - 1 day
Private tour


Photo source: Tourist Organization of Cacak

Discover why Ovcar-Kablar Gorge with its natural beauties and monumental values attracts attention of the people for centuries...


Ovcar-Kablar Gorge (width of 50-100 m and a length of about 20 km) is situated in the central part of Serbia, about 150 km from Belgrade. Due to its natural values ​​and characteristics this area has been declared as the protected area - landscape of exceptional importance. It is characterized by high and steep limestone rocks where you can see entrances of several caves, squeezed meanders of West Morava river and unique flora and fauna.

Mountains Ovcar (985m), Kablar (889m) and the meanders of the Western Morava river are recognizable symbols of Ovcar-Kablar Gorge. In addition to the exceptional natural features, this area is also known for its large number of Orthodox monasteries. In the central part of the gorge, surrounded by greenery and nature beauties is Ovcar Spa Medicinal water Ovčar Spa  (temperature of the water is 38˚C and contains calcium and sodium, macronutrients and potassium, lithium, ribidium, cesium, strontium, barium, iodine, bromine, phosphorus, fluorine and manganese).


Departure from Belgrade at  9h.  Expected arrival in Ovcar-Kablar gorge at 12h. 12h-13h00 Drive to the peak of Kablar Mountain - view of the meanders of the Western Morava river. 13h00-14h30  Lunch (a restaurant by the river or near the spa), 14h30-16h00 cruising on the West Morava lake and visit to the monastery Nikolje. 16h-17h30 Optional spa time (indoor pool at the Wellness Center in Ovcar Spa). 17h30 Departure to Belgrade, the expected arrival at 20h00.

Price per person:

190 € (1 pax), 120 € (2 pax), 90 € (3 pax), 70 € (4-7 pax), 60 € (8-20 pax)



  • English-speaking guide,

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car),

  • Entrance to the protected area 'Ovcar-Kablar gorge',

  • Cruising on the West Morava lake and visit to monastery Nikolje,

  • Tour organization

Not included: lunch and tips

Optional: Ovcar spa 5e / person


Duration: 11 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Total transfer time: 5 hours


Operating months:

20. April-1. October

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Tour Map:

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