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Serbia Soft Adventure Package - 7/8 days

kayaking - mountain biking - Sargan Eight - hiking  - rafting

With the beautiful nature ideal for adventure activities and landscapes that will take your breath away, mouthwatering food on top of all, convival people always ready for fun and vibrant capitol Belgrade, Serbia will easily make its way to your heart…

1st day | Welcome to Belgrade

Arrival in Belgrade, airport transfer and optional city tour (according to the flight time)

​2nd day | Drina river kayaking

Drina river surrounds the National park Tara from the west and north side, it has an authentic green color by which it is recognized and is ideal for relaxation. On an adventure filled with amazing sights, in the very beginning you will stand in awe to a spectacular natural sight – the place where the "Year" river (called like that because it is only 365 meters long) swoop into the Drina river in a series of three beautiful waterfalls. At the end of this adventure a rather unusual sight awaits you - a miniature house in the midst of the river on the rock, the photo that seems to have circulated the globe.

House on the rock Drina river

3rd day | Mountain biking or hiking in National park Tara

Mountain biking is an extreme sport in which the man on a special bike crosses the so-called off-road routes, inaccessible hills and mountainous terrain full of ups and downs, forest trails and meadows. The routes are designated bike routes on existing forest and public roads. They can also be used as walkways. The trails are marked within a network of bicycle routes in Western Serbia. The routes were designed, marked and equipped in cooperation with the RDA Zlatibor and STC Bajina Bašta. One route is marked within UNDP/GEF grant. We will bike through pine forest to some of the most beautiful viewpoints, lakes and other spots of Tara National park.

Otherwise, we hike around 12 km from Mitrovac to the viewpoint Banjska rock with amazing view on the Drina river canyon and Perucac lake.


4th day | Sargan Eight heritage train ride and paintball in the pine forest

​The Sargan Eight is a narrow-gauge heritage railway in Serbia, running from the village of Mokra Gora to the Šargan Vitasi station. The former East Bosnian railway with a gauge of 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in) was an important part of the former narrow-gauge main line from Sarajevo to Belgrade and closed in 1974. Between 1999 and 2003 the section over the Šargan pass was rebuilt by the Serbian Ministry of Tourism and the Yugoslav State Railway (now the Serbian Railways), with great help from the Serbian movie director Emir Kusturica. Nowadays, travelers have the chance to go on an amazing train ride around the mountains in the Sargan Eight.

And for the afternoon prepare for a thrilling adventure park in the woods of the Zlatibor mountain!


5th day | Hiking on Zlatibor and ethno village Sirgojno 

This day is reserve for hiking to the highest peak of Zlatibor mountain - Tornik (1496 m), which is at the same time the main ski center in Western Serbia during the winter season. Total track is around 8 km.

In the aftrenoon we will visit unique open air ethno museum in Sirogojno village and Stopica cave.

The small village of Sirogojno has got a unique open-air museum where they brought original 19th-century log houses from all parts of Zlatibor to be preserved and exhibited. Visitors are able to see and feel how families lived on Serbian mountains back then in a very interesting tour. Although, perhaps the best part is being able to, after or before the tour, have for lunch some of the most amazing Zlatibor food!

​Stopica Cave is a river cave, the Trnavski brook runs through it. Without its youngest system Stopica Cave is 1.691,5 m long and is composed of 5 units: the Light hall, the Dark hall, the Big hall with tubs, the Canal and the River canal. The tourist part of the Cave has got several attractive elements such as a broad entrance, ‘dugure’ - openings on the ceiling, a sipar arch ‘Dog’s cemetery’, a waterfall ‘The source of life’, and a lot of ‘bigren’ tubs.


6th day | Uvac hiking, boat cruise and Ice cave

Uvac is a special nature reserve of the first category in Serbia. It is known for the successful project of the preservation of the griffon vulture – an endangered species. The reserve is located in southwestern Serbia, in the municipalities of Nova Varoš  and Sjenica  in the Zlatibor District. The protected area is elongated and comprises the valley of the Uvac river, including the Uvac Gorge. In 2008, it was voted one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Serbia. Uvac Special Nature Reserve is home to 104 bird species with the Reserve’s greatest attraction being the griffon vulture, a rare species of vulture eagle with an impressive wingspan of up to three meters.

Usac cave system (6.185 m) is one of the longest in Serbia and we will enter in part called Ice cave where we will visit two halls (Red hall and Crystal).


7th day | Sopotnica hike and rafting on Lim river

Sopotnica is located in the southwestern part of Serbia, not far from the city of Prijepolje, on the Jadovnik mountain. Sopotnica's biggest attraction are the waterfalls, which emerge from the Sopotnica river and are up to 20 m high. The paysage is composed by unmistakable ornaments entangled in the ambiance of an ancient rural architecture made up of watermills and valleys.

Lim river runs from Plav Lake at an altitude of 930 m. It is 220 kilometers long and runs through Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rafting on Lim has been organized since 2000 when mountain and rafting clubs from Prijepolje established a Lim regiment that is traditionally held every year at the end of May or early June, with the participation of a large number of divers from Montenegro, Serbia and other countries.

Сопотница - горњи водопади
bake u sopotnici
sopotnica prelazak reke
rafting limom
Kamen- Gora

8th day | Transfer to Belgrade and bye bye Serbia!

Transfer to Belgrade (or Nikola Tesla airport for afternoon/evening departures).

Contact us for more details about prices and accommodation options (hotel/apartment/camp)

Prices are different depending on the number of people. 

Group size: 3-30 pax

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