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Serbian Dinaric Apls Hiking Week 
Private tour

In the heart of Serbian mountains

Belgrade-Kablar-Zlatibor-Zlatar-Uvac-Mileseva-Mokra Gora-Tara-Belgrade

Dear nature lover,


Let us show you all the beauty of the Dinaric Alps in Serbia and take you to a destination where nature and Man have joined together and in a stunningly beautiful way proven their grandeur.


The Dinaric Alps or Dinarides are a mountain chain, which spans from Italy in the northwest, over Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, to Albania in the southeast. They extend for 645 kilometres along the coast of the Adriatic Sea (northwest-southeast), from the Julian Alps in the northwest down to the Šar-Korab massif, where the mountain direction changes to north-south. So, we can say the Dinaric Alps cover a big part of the Balkan Peninsula. This area is also a place where the old medievel Serbian state „Raska“ was formed and where you can see cultural heritage masterpieces, such as the Mileseva monastery (XIII century) and the medieval fortresses that were protecting the old trading and caravan roads that connected Dubrovnik and Sarajevo to Constantinople (today’s Istanbul).


Explore with us the rugged nature of the Dinaric Alps where the peaks permeate the sky and where all the mountain lovers are attracted by the ’magnetic’ power of the Dinarides. We deeply believe that you will be enchanted by the beauty of the canyons, clean rivers and lakes, hidden waterfalls and limestone caves, as well as the authentic food, the hospitality of the local people and their customs.


Discover four pearls amont the Dinaric Alps in Serbia which are potected areas – Ovcar-Kablar gorge, Zlatibor mountain, National park Tara and Zlatar mountain with Pester plateau and Uvac canyon.


We invite you to join us and to let us make you fall in love with Serbia. You are welcome.



Opertion months: April-October

Duration:  7 days

Ideal group size: 6-18 pax



Total hiking: 85 km

Daily Average: 14  km

Total elevation uphill: ~ 2500 m

Total transfers: 680 km

Maximum peak reached: 1.627 m

Vehicle: tourist class minivan/minibus, AC

Guides: Licensed tour escort, Certified mountain guide



On this tour you will enjoy at: National park (Tara), 2 x park of nature (Zlatibor and Mokra Gora), 1 x Special nature reserve (Uvac), 1 x Natural area of exceptional feauters (Ovcar-Kablar gorge), Zaovine lake, Ice cave, Stopica cave, Drina river, Monastery Mileseva, open air ethno museum Sirogojno.


Do not forget to bring: Hiking boots and an extra pair of shoes, windproof jacket and rain gear, long pants, a small headlamp, 30-50L backpack, water bottle (min. 1l), sunglasses, a hat, sun cream, hiking poles, swimsuit, camera, personal toiletries, valid passport



DAY 1 | Belgrade - Ovcar-Kablar gorge - Zlatibor

Departure from Belgrade after breakfast in the morning, transfer to Ovcar-Kablar gorge. After a refreshment break, we start our first hiking in the Natural area of exceptional feauters and after aound 2h we will reach peak of Kablar hill (896 m). Time to enjoy the panoramic view on curves of the Western Morava river and hills that hide many monasteries. After we finish hiking, late lunch is organized on the lake Medjuvrsje. Time for enjoying in Ovcar spa. Transfer to Zlatibor, check in, overnight.

Length: 13 km

Elevation uphill: 620 m

Max. elevation: 896 m           

Approx. hiking time: 4,5 h


DAY 2 | Zlatibor - Tornik (1496 m) - Sirogojno - Zlatar 

After breakfast check out and transfer 9 km to the starting point of our hiking to the peak of Zlatibor mountain – Tornik 1496. At the same time, Tornik is the main ski center in this part of Serbia and we will enjoy the view of the Zlatibor landscape. After hiking we will explore the Stopica cave, famous for its limestone pools and ‘The spring of life’ waterfall. Lunch with authentic Zlatibor food will wait us at the open-air ethno museum in Sirogojno village. We will finish this day with a visit to the Gostilje waterfall and overnight on the Zlatar mountain surrounded by pine trees. Dinner in local restaurant and overnight.

Length: 10 km

Elevation uphill: 490 m

Max. elevation: 1496 m         

Approx. hiking time: 3,5 h


DAY 3 | Zlatar - Uvac Canyon - Zlatar

After a strong breakfast characteristic for this area, with the most famous cheese in Serbia coming from this place, the third day is reserved for the highlights of Special nature reserve Uvac, where we will hike along the canyon of Uvac lake, which creates unique meanders and enter the Ice cave hidden in the canyon. This place is famous as the natural habitat of griffon vultures, unique cleaners of nature whose role in the food supply chain is irreplaceable. We will go back by boat to the starting point and enjoy the time with our host at the lake. Again, lunch with authentic food from the area is waiting for us and full-fed and happy we go back to our accommodation. Free time for rest, dinner and overnight.

Length: 12 km

Elevation uphill: 262 m

Max. elevation: 1247 m         

Approx. hiking time: 4 h

Uvac hiking

DAY 4 | Zlatar - Velika krseva peak (1627m) - Mokra Gora

On the fourth day we will reach the highest peak for these 7 days – Velika krseva 1627 m. The view from the peak is fascinating – the Dinaric beauties Durmitor (Montenegro) and Prokletije (Albania) will open in front of us and we will spend some time at the peak. Our hiking starts at Vodena poljana and we will make circle through conifer trees passing by monastery of St. Kozma and Damjan and beautiful landscapes. After hiking, we drive to Park of nature Mokra Gora, at the southern slopes of Tara National park. We will overnight In Mecavnik, wooden resort built by Serbian famous film director Emir Kusturica and explore his village, watch one of his short movies...

Length: 14 km

Elevation uphill: 370 m

Max. elevation: 1627 m         

Approx. hiking time: 5 h

DAY 5 | Janjač - National park Tara

Inspired by this landscape, just like Kusturica was before building his wooden resort, we start our 10 km long hike towards the Janjač peak and Zaovine Lake in National park Tara. When we finish hiking we will spend some time at the lake, get to know more about the Tara National park and try some trout fish. In July and August, the clean water of the Zaovine lake is perfect for swimming. Our accommodation on Tara will be forester’s hut and we will enjoy some good Serbian wines during our dinner in the restaurant nearby. Overnight.

Length: 12 km

Elevation uphill: 305 m

Max. elevation: 1473 m         

Approx. hiking time: 6 h

DAY 6 | National park Tara - Banjska rock view point - Drina river - Belgrade

Our last hiking day is planned to be more relaxed. We will start after breakfast using mainly flat terrain in order to reach one of the most beautiful viewpoints – Banjska rock with amazing view towards the canyon of the Drina river and Bosnia. The total distance is around 13km and, after lunch in Mitrovac, we are going to a relaxing kayaking tour (2-2,5 h) from the Perucac lake to the Bajina Basta town and the famous house on the rock. We say goodbye to the Serbian Dinaric Alps and we go back to Belgrade. Check in hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Optional: Sargan 8 heritage train ride with Visegrad (Bosnia&Hercegovina) tour instead of Drina river kayaking

Length: 13 km

Elevation uphill: 0 m

Max. elevation: 1065 m         

Approx. hiking time: 3,5 h

DAY 7 | Bye bye Serbia!

Depending on your flight time, on the last day we can organize Belgrade sightseeing or some other tour in Belgrade.

Transfer to the airport. End of the program.


Combination of wooden lodges, hotels and villas.



Depend on the group size, contact us for more information.

Group size 6-30 pax



  • All transfers by the program (minibus, AC, audio)

  • Licensed tour escort

  • Certified mountaineering guide

  • Accommodation in 2-3 bed rooms: 1 x overnight on Zlatibor, 2 x overnight on Zlatar, 2 x overnight in Mokra Gora,  2 x overnight in Belgrade

  • All meals by the program (half-board)

  • All entrances and activities by the program (Hiking tours, Stopica cave, Sirogojno, Uvac boat cruise, Ice cave, Mecavnik, Sargan 8 train)

  • 24 hours support of Talas team

  • 2 x airport transfers

  • All taxes



  • Health/travel insurance

  • Personal costs of travelers

Optional boat cruise on Perucac lake 1.5h or Drina river easy kayaking/rafting.


  • The program is flexible, it is possible to customize it to your desires, hiking distances could be changed upon group request

  • It is recommended to come to Belgrade 1 day before the program begins, so we can start early in the morning on the first day

  • The price is given for double or triple rooms. If you wish to have your own room in the hotels/apartments, there is a single supplement charge of 250 EUR

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