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Transromanica - Studenica and Zica monasteries - 1 day
Private tour


Let us show you one of the most important cultural routes of the Council of Europe in Serbia - Transromanica.

Romanesque influences spread to present day Serbia from Italy via the Adriatic region. The fusion of Romanesque and Byzantine elements in Serbian medieval art is best captured in the spectacular monasteries across Serbia’s mountainous central and southern regions. Representative of the so-called Raška School, these structures illustrate the common cultural and historical threads between European East and West.


On the Transromanica Route day tour, you will experience an intimate look at some of the best-preserved churches and monasteries from the Raška School, the hidden gems remaining from the Roman period in Serbia. The Transromanica route in Serbia is part of the broader European cultural and tourist route, which features Roman era monuments across Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia.

On this tour you are going to visit Studenica Monastery and Zica monasteries, with a visit to some hidden gems of the Raska region, too.

Studenica monastery

First and foremost there is Studenica Monastery, which was constructed in 1190 by its patron and founder   and one of the most important Serbian rulers who established the Nemanjic’s Dynasty , which used to be  the symbol of might , power and prosperity  of Serbian State in the Middle Ages . The whereabouts of the monastery complex are near Kraljevo consisting of the fortress where four churches are located. The first one is carved in marble – Bogorodicina crkva (the Holy Mother`s Church), the second is Kraljeva crkva  (the King`s Church), Nikoljaca Crkva (the St Nicola`s Church) and the church   the foundations of which  were salvaged only . Studenica is the most famous for its frescos, partly from the 13th century, of which the most beautiful one is the fresco of Christ`s Crucifixion in the nave of the Church.

Monastery Ziča

Monastery Žiča is another one in a lengthy list of the foundations of the famed Stefan, built in the first part of the 13th century, located near Kraljevo, as well as Studenica. Apart from it being famous for its riveting beauty and artistic achievements both architecturally and artistically Zica is also famous for being the centre of Serbian archepiscopy in 1219 during the period when Serbian Orthodox Church gained their independence and became autocephalous. The main monastery church was constructed following the Raska style. The interior features two rows of frescos: from the 13th century, the period  duly called `the Golden age of Serbian art` and  another one created at the beginning of 14th century.



08h00-11h00 Departure from Belgrade, traveling to Raska region with coffee break near Mrcajevci village. Arrival in Zica monastery and sighteeing 12h00-13h00. Transfer and lunch break in the medieval surroundings 13h00-15h00. Transfer to Studenica monastery and sightseeing 15h00-17h00. Transfer back to Belgrade 17h00-20h30.

Price per person:

  • 220 € (1 pax)

  • 130 € (2 pax)

  • 90 € (3 pax)

  • 80 € (4-7 pax)

  • 70 € (8-20 pax)



  • English-speaking guide

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car)

  • All entrance tickets

  • Monasteries sightseeing

  • Tour organization


Not included: lunch and tips

Duration: 12-13 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Total transfer time: 7 hours

Operating months: All year long*

*except New Year holidays

Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

Tour Map:

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