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The Best of Eastern Serbia - 3 Days 
Golubac, Lepenski vir, Rajac and Rogljevo, Resava, Manasija, Bor lake

Private tour

Lookout Ploce NP Djerdap
Rogljevo wine cellars
Bor lake
Lazarus Cave
Hiking NP Djerdap
Lazarus canyon
Wine cellar interior
WInes of Rogljevo
Manasija monastery

Eastern Serbia seems to be hiding a real treasure in its cossetted away chambers – a  unique combination of nature and cultural mixture with a centuries-old tradition of wine making. On this tour you are going to explore treasures of Resava region combined with the "Iron Gate" - Lower Danube region and National park Djerdap as well as authentic wine cellars, breathtaking lookouts, lakes and caves. A region that covers the true richness of cultural heritage,, natural landscapes and delicious food. Welcome aboard!

Manasija monastery

One of the most significant monuments of the Serbian medieval culture is our first stop where you will hear interesting stories about the monastery and the founder - the depot of Stefan Lazarevic, one of the brightest rulers of medieval Serbia with high moral principles, whom everybody wanted for an ally...

Resava cave

Beautiful natural treasure of Serbia, is 4.5 km long. However, only 2,830 meters of the cave have beenresearched, and visitors can go as long as 800 meters deep into it. TheResava is one of the oldest caves in the country (around 80 million years old). The temperature in it is constantly around 7°C, while the air humidity varies from 80 to 100%. The interior of the cave has numerous and varied halls, canals, galleries, columns, stalactites, stalagmites, natural drape like formations and petrified waterfalls. Because of its riches and varied colors, the Resava Cave earned an attribute “thebeauty from the Resava”.

Lisine waterfall


In Lisine, the 25-metre high "Veliki buk"  waterfall, (maybe Serbia’s most visited waterfall)  was long considered the highest waterfall in the country, until   the waterfalls on Stara Planina and Kopaonik were stumbled across. In the nearby restaurants you can taste fresh trout or some grilled meat specialties from this region.

Golubac fortress


Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town on the south side of the Danube River, 4 km downstream from the modern-day town of Golubac, Serbia. The fortress, which was most likely built during the 14th century, was split into three compounds which were built in stages. It has ten towers, most of which are  square shaped, and several of which received multifaceted reinforcements with the advent of firearms.

Lookout "Ploce" and Kapetan Misa hill

The place where you can see the most beautiful part of the Djerdap Gorge. The slabs are a level space above the canyon of Mali Kazan, limestone buried under Veliki Štrbac peak. The 355m altitude offers a unique view of the Danube and Kazan springs. There is a hiking trail to Ploče, about 3km long, which crosses in 45-60 min.

The Eco-ethno complex “Kapetan Mišin breg” is located in the heart of the Djerdap gorge, situated on a knoll 173 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view of the Danube River and the town below. While enjoying the enchanting views of the Djerdap gorge complemented by culinary specialties and the sounds of wooden flutes, you can listen to a story about the history of Porec, or hear about the tradition and culture of the Djerdap cuisine and the way of preparing this traditional fare. You may even learn the secrets of Vlach bread and the bygone Djerdap caviar.

Yes, this is our place for the lunch break :)

Rajac and Rogljevo Wineries


A unique architectural complex of wine cellars from the half of XVIII to the first half of XX century, under protection of Republic of Serbia. There are around 150 wine cellars in Rogljevo village plus another 270 in a neighboring village Rajac. Built of hewn stone and logs and covered with hollow tiles, cellers are partially buried into the ground so the temperature wouldn´t vary so much through the year. In one of the village households you will spend first overnight, after wine tasting and traditional dinner in wine cellar.

Lazarus Cave and Lazarus Canyon

Lazarus Cave is a spring cave with entrance at 291 m above sea level, made its course sinkholes which after flowing through deep limestone formations, erupted to the surface. Today, in the  vicinity of the entrance, in the bed of the Lazareva river, water erupts on the surface in the form of a strong karst spring. The total length of the examined cave channels is more than 10,000 meters, with justified speleologists' assumptions that the underground space is actually many times larger. 900-meter-long trails have been arranged for tourist visits. The cave area consists of monumental, beautiful halls with sound names: Preston, Blok Hall, Concert Hall, Bat Hall, etc.

Lazarus Canyon is protected natural asset of the first category - one of the most impressive elements of the relief of Kučaj and one of the most important centers of biodiversity in the Balkans. Cut into thick limestone rocks below Malinik in the length of 9 km, vertical, wild cliffs, with numerous cliffs, crevices and caves represent the longest and deepest canyon in Eastern Serbia. In the narrowest part, it is only 3-4 meters wide. Depth reaches up to 500 meters. In some places, the river passes between wedged stone blocks that form natural bridges.

Bor Lake

Bor Lake lies at the foothill of the Crni vrh mountain, at an elevation of 438 metres above sea level. Created in the mid-20thv Century when water courses were cut off by a dam, it quickly became a favourite spot for holidays, recreation and fishing, both among locals and the increasingly numerous visitors to the region. The crystal clear lake water gets green in the summer months, while the more shallow parts reach a comfortable temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, making the coastline perfect for swimming and escaping the city heat. The softly jagged lakeside has a lot of maintained beaches, paths for walking and recreation, sports grounds, and offer plenty other possibilities for an active rest, as the Bor lake becomes one of the most attractive tourist sites in this part of Serbia.



DAY 1: Departure from Belgrade in the morning 8h00, a ride to Djerdap gorge, visit to Golubac fortress 10h00-11h00. Drive along the danube river and visit to one of the most beautiful lookouts in Djerdap National park - Ploce (hiking 1h30 min both directions). Lunch time in Kapetan Misa hill 14h00-16h00. Drive to Negotin area and visit to Rogljevo wine village, check in village household around 18h00, Visit to wine cellars, wine tasting and dinner. Overnight.

DAY 2: After the breakfast, check out at 9h30, visit to Rajac village and wineries, sightseeing 19h30-10h30. Transfer to Lazarus cave 10h30-12h00 and sightseeing. Visit to lookout over the Lazarus canyon. Arrival on Bor lake around 15h00, lunch time, check in apartments and free time on the lake. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 3: After breakfast and check out transfer to Resava cave 10h00-12h00, sightseeing of the cave 12h00-13h30. Visit to Lisine waterfall and lunch time near by 13h30-15h30. On the way to Belgrade visit to Manasija Monastery (XV century). Arrival in Belgrade at around 20h. End of the program.

Price per person:

360 € (2 pax),  300 € (3 pax), 280 € (4-7 pax), 260 € (8-20 pax)


Duration: 3 days

(12 hours total transfer time)

Departure: 8 AM 

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade


  • English-speaking tour guide

  • Transportation (minibus/van/car)

  • Accommodation - 1 overnight in Rogljevo village household and 1 overnight in apartment near Bor lake

  • All entrances to selected places

  • All entrances and sightseeings

  • Tour organization


Not included: meals and tips


Operation months: April - November

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Tour Map:

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