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"Upstream of the source" Danube Day Experience
Private tour
April - October

Danube view
food basket
Wine time
Organic wine
Photo near Danube
Relax time in nature
food basket
Lunch near Danube
Fish food
Danube sunset
Danube river

Enjoy in relaxed day at the Danube river and pleasant walks in the nature, taste organic wines and authentic food and fruits of Danube river - only 1 hour drive from Belgrade.

Spring. The birth of a new life. Awakening smells and colors...

In its essence, spring is a kind of resurrection of nature, a rebirth of the entire Divine creation.

"You send your spirit to the station, and repeat your face to the earth." (Psalm 103.30)


They say that winter comes from the north, summer from the south, and spring, where does it live, where does it come from?


We look for him at home, where life springs, where everything begins - by the water, on the banks of the great river, the river of heavenly splendor, next to the Danube.


And that very part, almost 3000 km long stream, where the Romans planted the first vines, where the sweetest grapes ripen, where today the juiciest cherries bloom... the garden, where almost 6000 years before Christ the first civilization of the old continent was rocked in its cradle.We look for spring in the cherry bud and blossom, in the first bee flight, in the green grass that is just sprouting, in the willows that boast new leaves.

We want to get to know the mighty river up close, its gentle and gentle nature, Alaskan stories of wonder and the secret of the golden moruna, noiseless powerful eddies, magical Danube sunsets.


Departure 08.30/09.00 from Belgrade


Arrival at the natural history and research center in Vinča where, in a beautifully decorated environment, we get the first information about the Danube, its source, the origin of its name, fish (in the aquarium hall) and animal species (in the ZOO)...
We visit a replica of a prehistoric settlement faithfully created according to the instructions of experts from the museum of the Vinčan culture.

Picnic Danube break

There, on the shore of one of the numerous lakes, we take a break for a picnic: local plum/walnut and a real home-style breakfast.

Meet the Danube

Now we are ready to meet the river, we descend towards the river with a phenomenal approach panorama of the Danube.

We reach the very bank of the river where we are greeted by old willows and poplars, the smell of the Danube along the path of lovers, some herons and grebes looking for lunch.
A little break in an authentic natural environment with refreshments - homemade juice, brandy and coffee as desired.
We start for a walk by the river, along hundred-year-old trees and sandy shores, carefully listening to the silence.

Lunch with alas

After returning, we arrive at the pontoon to enjoy the sunbeds, and then have lunch at the alas, on the very bank of the river (fish stew, fresh Danube fish prepared in "talandara", potato salad...).

Organic-Wine tasting

Around 15:00 departure for the unique winery of the Anđelić family, where we meet the host who grows vines without any spraying and makes completely organically certified wine, applying traditional methods but also the latest knowledge about sustainable development, permaculture and biodiversity.

The winery is a true pearl of the Gročan vineyard, which owes its abundance and quality to the gentle slopes that extend towards the Danube, which provides the vines with a precious reflection of light. Tour of the vineyard and tasting of 4 types of wine in a carefully arranged environment, with an unusual story about a completely natural, unadulterated wine, which already at the first sip hints at something completely different from what we are used to in the standard offer of wine shops.

With the fish now swimming for the third time - in water, oil, and finally in wine, and the story of wine as an eternal inspiration, we already feel a deep breath of spring in our chest.

Old Cherry orchard 

The road further leads us to the most fertile part of the region, Plavince, where a leisurely walk leads us to an old cherry orchard at the top of the hill, from which a beautiful view of the Danube is offered.Here, in the cherry museum, there is an exhibition of tree tops of almost all known varieties of cherry, - "burlat", "hertz", "kerminka", "black gin", "samburst"...

We discover the story of the famous alas from the Danube, "Joca-Ghost", who raised this cherry tree.
Joca no longer hunts and the little boat he built with his own hands no longer sails, but right there, anchored by a cherry tree, he found his peaceful harbor...We continue to another hidden oasis on the Danube, where we enjoy coffee / lemonade and the sunset from the terrace above the river, listening to the silence of the dusk...

On the way back, we reach a natural spring in the village of "Dubočaj", where we pour 'living' water that still carries the resonance of the rocks it passes through, thus rounding off our story about free water.

Return to Belgrade around 20:00.

Price per person:

  • 230 € (1 pax)

  • 130 € (2 pax)

  •  90 € (3 pax)

  •  75 € (4-7 pax)

  •  65 € (8-20 pax)



  • Healthy breakfast in nature in a mini summer house (old goat cheese, pancakes and wafers with homemade cream, walnuts, plums, mother juice cocktail)

  • Wine tasting in an organic winery (the only one in the region)

  • Traditional Danube- lunch at Alas (stew, fish pate, fish from “talandara”, potato salad)

  • A visit to the Danube Oasis complex with coffee break

  • Transfer (minibus/van/car)

  • English speaking tour guide

  • All taxes

  • Tour organization


Not included: tips for the guide

Duration: 9 hours

Pick up: Anywhere in Belgrade

Total transfer time: 2 hours

Operating months: April - October


Thank you for your inquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

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