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Belgrade experience: Popular slang words

Updated: May 6, 2021

Yeah, Belgrade isn’t only the capital of a beautiful country. And Belgradians aren’t the people who were born and raised in Belgrade. These are people who are studying the patterns of behaviour of such a large environment, adopted a certain coded language called slang. It was and still is the most creative segment of the Serbian language. Some have named it as the "jargon" or "satrovacki" language, which was invented among teenagers, that is, between young people in order to differentiate themselves from their peers from other townships. Because of that, they have developed their own way of communicating. In some way, these developed Belgrade’ slang words became incomprehensible even to their creators, because of discovering a new, imaginative concepts. Slang words are, indeed, related to specific groups, so for example - nerds, jet set, lazy people and folk-singers have their own internal language.

„ Belgrade is the capital not only of Belgradians, but of all the people who are beautiful, cultural, unusual and extraordinary. It is a mix of all nationalities and the-open-heart for all who come and stay. ”

The most popular "codes" of communication that you’ll hear if you come to Belgrade are:

  • I’ll meet you at the Horse. (Horse = monument to Prince Mihailo on the Republic Square)

  • I live in Munze Konza. (Munze Konza = Zemun is one of Belgrade’s community, meaning Zemun rocks! J )

  • I’ll come for about čuku time. (čuku/chuku = one hour)

  • Wow, what a bedaklija! (bedaklija = so sad song in Skadarlija quarter)

  • Come on bre, chill out! (bre is the favourite Serbian word)

  • I parked trolley on Zelenjak. (The car is parked on the most famous bus station - Zeleni venac)

  • Wow, you have a very good gilje. (gilje = sneakers)

  • Here comes a firecracker. (firecracker = eternally small bus numbered 25)

  • ...and you’re going with seljobus. (seljobus = bus with three-digit numbered, for long-distance destination)

  • I’ll like to order a sow! (sows = two litres of beer)

  • Tebreks, you have a great djozluci! (Bro, you have a good eyeglasses!)

Also, you’ll see that every Belgradian knows where is the ŠIŠ, Pinocchio and Bucko. They can recognize only tourists in Skadarlija quarter. Basically, they can hit every located avenue of New Belgrade, and they know that Ada Island has absolutely nothing related with Gypsies or Island, but still using that popular name. When someone says that he’s going to the "city", that means he’s going to the tavern - the most popular institution for Serbs. Also, they’ll tell you that some of the best coffee restaurant is The Užice on Autokomanda, but they don’t know what is called street where the cafe is located. Navigation and Belgradians have never been harmonious couple. They’ll know to explain who are Zemunci, Dorcolci and Pilicari. You can recognize them wearing exercise equipment in Knez Mihailova Street, and having a romantic meeting in Kalemegdan park. They adore people of Vojvodina, Sumadija, friends from Nis, Valjevo, Zajecar, Despotovac, Vranje, Uzice, Guca, Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Kladovo (although these last 3 cities are more or less the same for them J ). They live for quotes of Dusko Radovic and their favourite, anthological movie - When I grow up, I’ll be the Kangaroo. Finally, you will understand the true meaning of Kalemegdan word, and discover that Dorcol (the oldest township) has many underground lagoons and Masonic symbols. Monkey Sami and Muja alligator are legends of Belgrade’s ZOO Park. The candy shop Bosiljcic is the most beautiful shop-window with their popular roses candies. Your adventure isn’t over until you visit the oldest restaurant in Belgrade named "?", because this town is magical in every way - friendly people, good alcohol and happy memories are so valuable.

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