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Serbia - the homeland of Roman emperors

Updated: May 6, 2021

The Roman Empire was founded after the reforms implemented by Octavian Augustus, in the last three decades of the first century BC. This country is considered one of the largest, wealthiest, most densely populated and by far the most powerful empires in the world. At the height of its power, the Roman Empire spread across three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). During its existence from 27 BC to 476 AD, the capital Rome experienced its turmoils. The third century was known as the century of crisis, and thanks to the skills and abilities of its leaders, the destruction of the country would have been postponed for two centuries. In those periods of uncertainties, the large number of emperors ruled for a brief period of time , apparently with no set goals nor ideals to aspire to.

The Roman Empire, photo source:

In Serbia, 17 emperors were born including the first Roman emperor (Trajan Decius).

And in nowadays, you can notice cultural, historical and religious influence and all those legacy of the Romans in this area. Sirmium (today’s Sremska Mitrovica) was the city in Pannonia, an ancient province of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire, photo source:

Please, take some time to read about the emperors born in the territory of the now Serbia, and what recognitions they were awarded with in their lifetime.

1. Trajan Decius (Trajan Decius, 249-251), was a highly capable warrior and military leader. He was born in the village Budalija (today Martinci near Sremska Mitrovica); remembered as the first Roman emperor killed in the battle against the Goths. Also, he was a famous and infamous persecutor of Christians.

Trajan Decius