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Places located an hour ride from Belgrade

Updated: May 6, 2021

1. Avala

Distance from Belgrade: about 15 km

Tourist attractions: Tower of Avala, Monument to the Unknown Hero, a medieval town Zrnov, lush flora and fauna

Avala is one of the most significant landmarks of Belgrade. You will thoroughly enjoy its prevalently low height As a protected natural area numerous plant and animal species are cossetted away there, Avala being one of the favorite resorts of Belgrade. Peace and tranquility and ubiquitous silence are its potent symbols so that I truly believe that you will soon return to this picture perfect place. The monument to the Unknown Hero is certainly one of the potent symbols of this mountain standing in silent testimony . It can be reached by following a large number of steps towards the top, and when you approach the gate, behind which there is a mausoleum dedicated to an unnamed soldier from the First World War , will provide you with a splendid view of Belgrade, part of Vojvodina and Šumadija. Not far away further down, at the lower summit of Avala there lies the Tower of Avala, built in 1965, regrettably demolished during the NATO bombing in 1999 but mercifully rebuilt and refurbished in 2010. Beautiful in all its glory , it will undoubtedly give you a splendid view from up there and a unique experience. There is a host of smallish local cafes and restaurants hat will serve great Serbian specialties as well as retail shops, stalls run by souvenir makers and handcrafts.

2. Novi Sad

Distance from Belgrade: 94 km

Attractions for tourist: Petrovaradin Fortress, Market Gallery, Spens and Karadjordje Stadium, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad Synagogue, Lake of Ledine, Strand with quay

Novi Sad given its size and population is the second city and capital of the autonomous Serbian province of Vojvodina. Given the importance of this wonderful city, you will hear that it is a symbol of peace, love, friendship and arable land and fertile plains stretching miles on end. Almost everything that is beautiful, cultural, artistic and youthful, is here. The first thing you are bound to visit when you arrive in the Athens of Serbia ( which happens to be its term of endearment is the Petrovaradin Fortress. At times it is referred to as the Gibraltar on the Danube and what is characteristic of the particular history it is that the armed forces of any shape , form or origin have never managed to defeat and destroy its walls. Unbelievably beautiful architecture, intricately decorated facades and the largest military gallery are conveniently cossetted away in its four cities (Upper, Middle, Lower and Military) At the Square Gallery, you will see art in all its glory, and amid all that there is the Gallery of Matica Srpska . When you visit the place normally referred to as the green oasis in the city center - Dunavski park with a museum of Vojvodina complete with the Youth Theatre, you'll want to never go out of this corner of the world with its pristine nature

Reccomended tour: Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci day tour

3. Sremski Karlovci

Distance from Belgrade: 79 km

Attractions for tourists: Peace Chapel, Karlovac Grammar School, The Palace, the Roman Catholic Church,The Tomb of Branko Radičević, the Hall, the Vantage point

This is a charming little castle, tucked away in the foothills of mountain Fruska Gora, a place of great historical and cultural significance for Serbia. In this city the first Serbian high school and seminary were founded. The belvedere offers a stunningly beautiful view –the town of Karlovci will surely lend itself to this experience as well , and from your vantage point, you will notice a small stage with an amphitheatre and a gold Christian cross on a pedestal and certainly the bronze statue of a distinguished Duško Trifunović. You are bound to leave this city behind you filled with fond memories , vivid impressions and picture perfect images , and you will be wined and dined till your palate is blissfully happy and your belly is full. One can’t seem to leave Karlovac if they do not taste their red and white wines (Bermet wine), as well as the kuglof. This is a most delicious dessert of Vojvodina, a recipe that was borrowed from the Hungarians but with the Serbian touch to it with the local ingredients added.

Reccomended tour: Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci day tour

4. Fruska gora

Distance from Belgrade: 68 km

Attractions for tourists: monasteries, lakes (Besenovački lake), picnic sites (Stražilovo, Popović, Iriški Venac), caves (Grgurevačka and Pera Cave) and a number of pathways to go hiking along these.

Fruška Gora is an ‘island’ mountain and a national park in Srem. For the sake of precision, the biggest part of this green oasis is located in Vojvodina, whereas a small portion stretches into eastern Croatia. If you have set your sights on visiting Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci by any chance, make sure you visit this fantastic city just about 12 kilometres away from the ‘Athens of Serbia’ which happens to be its term of endearment. Tourist destinations such as Letenka and Brankovac provide families with a memorable experience. On Stražilovo, above the resort Sremski Karlovci there lies the tomb of the acclaimed poet and a novelist Branko Radičević. This excursion lends itself for a one-day stay in the forest, forests, valleys and meadows . For instance, the valley is home to about 700 species of herbal plants and numerous animal species. Due to this fact, Fruška Gora was declared the first national park in Serbia. Also, the harmony of the mountains lends itself to the peace and tranquility around the monasteries there , founded back in the day as the part of the endowments of Serbian royal families.

5. Nautical Village

Distance from Belgrade: 35 km

Attractions for tourists: tourist accommodations , resorts within the tourist complex, an artificial lake for swimming

Nautical village

Nautical village, photo source:

This charming little town can be reached in an hour, either by car or by a local coach. Anyone who has ever visited this place, can confirm that it seems ideal for picnics with family and relaxing weekend when you want to recharge your batteries before you get back to work on a Monday. Within the comple