Angloland Learn SERBIAN Phrases of the Week 3

Updated: May 6


Wherever you travel to far away places and even perhaps off the beaten track at times, you are bound to feel homesick and to come back home at some point A related phrase to this one is DOME SLATKI DOME! Which means ‘ Home sweet home’


The literal translation of this phrase is to ‘that one’s hair is like a magpie’s nest’. Its metaphorical or idiomatic meaning means that one’s hair is tousled and disheveled and they need to comb or brush; kosa means hair , gnezdo means a nest, svraka means a bird magpie and kao means like or as


This phrase literally means to be with both feet on the ground with the very same equivalent in English; obe means both, noge means feet or legs, na means on and zemlja means ground, soil, earth. Its meaning refers to a person who is very down to earth and realistic in his or her approach to life and the ways of the world

MI O VUKU A VUK NA VRATA (vuk – a wolf, vrata – the door)

Literal translation of this idiomatic expression would be ‘ We were just talking about a wolf and there it is at our doorstep! Its origin is the phrase in Latin lupus in fabula, which translates into English as : ‘Speak of the devil or talk of the devil and he will appear or ‘ Speaking of which………..’ used in the language as a discourse marker


Literal translation ‘Oh, so the rabbit is lying in that bush!’ If you are in a dilemma as to the reason for something odd or unexpected, you use this phrase as an exclamation , the equivalent of which could be ‘There you have it! EUREKA! It all hit/strike home. Grm means bush, zec means a rabbit or a hare , lezati means to lie down.

adapted and submitted by Natasha from Angloland

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