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Little House on the Drina

Updated: May 6, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of building a log cabin in the middle of nowhere somewhere off the beaten track just for yourself , your nearest and dearest to get away from it all? You probably have never thought of building one in the middle of a river? Almost 50 years ago, a ‘a merry band’ of youths did just that, constructing a plain looking and humble but yet sturdy little cottage atop a rock right there in the very centre of the Drina so they could have a cozy little place where they can simply sit or lie down basking in the sun. It's one of the most photogenic sights in the region – in all its peculiarity and quaintness. We suggest you do pull over to gawk and goggle at; just follow the signs near Bajina Bašta for Kućica na Drini.

This quaint and quirky little house appears to have withstood the passage of time and survived everything that nature can throw at it for 45 years.

Perching on a rock in the midst of the rough Drina River in Serbia, the house has been battered by floods and severely windswept - yet stood stunningly strong for more than four decades.

The whereabouts of this manmade little wonder are in close proximity of the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia. It certainly has become a well-known attraction for visitors to this region. This curious little house has been teetering on its rocky perch since 1969. It has been spared by the annual rising and falling of waters of the Drina’s rushing rapids. Is it a work of a miracle by any chance?

‘At least there are no problems with the neighbours!’ – there goes one hilarious but true comment about it.

‘Never has a little, nameless house gotten so internet popular ‘ we oft hear people saying.

This unnamed but increasingly famous cabin was built by hand. It has only one room but is a good enough shelter for its creator to escape the elements or have a well deserved rest.

After National Geographic published an image of the unnamed little house as its “Photo of the Day’ , since seeing is believing – as the saying goes , people from every corner of the Globe seem to have begun setting off on pilgrimage - sounding journeys to the banks of the Drina so that they can see it with their own eyes. Some consider it a budding landmark of the region.

Little has changed today . The only way of reaching the rock is through the rough rapids of the Drina River. Tours From Belgrade team is just doing this at one of their tour - Drina Kayaking, where the house is a 'mandatory' final stop for travelers to take a few photos.

Lest we forget, back in the day a Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andric was the first one to introduce the world to its waters standing in silent testimony to the life’s greatest struggles, through his masterpiece, the book The Bridge on the Drina in 1945 .

Once you are here, we do suggest you visit the Tara National Park, which has been shortlisted by UNESCO to receive much sought after protection status since 2002. The park is a mountain refuge famous for its thick forests, steep limestone cliffs, and deep canyons formed by the Drina’s upper reaches, normally referred to as the “River of Life’ by the local aficionados.

adapted and submitted by Natasha from Angloland

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