Travel to Serbia during the pandemic Covid19

Updated: Apr 8

Read all about the situation in Serbia as regards the Covid 19 pandemic and what it looks like to travel through Serbia, what you might expect, what attractions are available and what measures you must abide by.

Serbia in Covid19 times

After the spring of 2020 and the complete two-month lockdown of the country, at the beginning of May Serbia opened to all visitors without special restrictions. We had several waves in which the number of infected people grew and so we came to the number of 610,232 confirmed cases with a death rate of 0.88% by the time of writing this article (April 2nd, 2021). Serbia promptly got organized in terms of procuring the necessary protective equipment and respirators, and two completely new Covid hospitals were built. You can follow all the information about the current situation in Serbia through the COVID.RS portal.

During the summer 2020, people got back to their daily routine in line with all protection measures (wearing masks, washing hands, physical distance...), and the level of activity decreased during the peaks of the pandemic of which there has been a total of four in Serbia so far.

In December 2020, the mandatory negative PCR test to enter Serbia was introduced, which continues today (read about getting PCR test in Serbia HERE).

Vaccination in Serbia

When it comes to vaccinations, Serbia is one of the leaders in Europe and the world in terms of the percentage of vaccinated in relation to its population. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinopharm and Moderna vaccines are currently available in Serbia. From March 2021, foreigners can be vaccinated free of charge in Serbia. It is necessary to make an appointment via portal eUprava (in Serbian only) or phone number 0800 222 334 and wait for the call., From Tuesday, April 6th, it is possible to get vaccinated without making an appointment (still without confirmation until when this method will be possible), and all you need to do is to show up at one of the vaccination spots with passport (note that you will need a negative PCR test for enter to Serbia and for return depending on rules in your country). Contact us if you need transfer assistance or assistance for the vaccination process in Serbia.

Restaurants, bars, tourist amenities etc

Restaurants and bars have been open since last summer with a few short breaks during the peak of the pandemic when they were just available for delieveries or over the counter shopping. Preventative measures are observed inside the business premises inasmuch as the number of people is limited, the distance is respected and the working hours are shorter than usual (until 6 or 8 pm). Tourist attractions such as museums, archeological sites, fortresses, etc. are open regularly with a limit of 50% of visitors capacity and mandatory masks indoors. The situation is similar with shopping malls, boutiques and other stores. Shops, pharmacists’ shops and gas stations have been operating with no change in their working hours for quite a while now, until 9 pm.


Hotels in Serbia are open and ready to welcome guests, applying health and safety standards. Masks are mandatory in common areas, and hand sanitizers fitted where necessary. When it comes to restaurants in hotels, from the summer of 2020 they are open for registered guests until 9 p.m. It is the same with hotels which run wellness & spa facilities.

Tours form Belgrade in Covid 19 times

As the level of travel has decreased all over the world, we in our team have used the last year to work on improving our programs and creating new experiences for our guests. We have also implemented programs, mostly day trips and a number of multi-day tours, respecting all measures of protection and prevention from infection (vehicle disinfection, mask mandates, hand disinfectants, etc.). We even managed to organize an 8-day long honey moon program for our guests from UAE J. Our team have applied for vaccination and we are waiting for our fair share of jabs as we speak. Our team firmly believes that the end of the pandemic and the return to normal functioning is fast approaching as the vaccination continues. TFB team is ready to welcome you and make you fall in love with Serbia.

Contact us for any information related to travel in Serbia or the situation with the COVID 19 pandemic. We are here to get the smiles back to the faces of many people in this world through travel.