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Why Serbia is so great to visit?

Updated: May 6, 2021

What did you do in Serbia? Did you like it there? These are the questions everyone seems to be hearing invariably on their arrival back home after a trip to Serbia. They may sound simple, however, responding to them is more ar more challenging than it sounds....

Belgrade - Kalemegdan Fortress

You can say you visited Belgrade, a city located at the beautiful confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, a strategic location over which many a nation fought since bygone times, but which seems to be at peace now.

You can mention you visited the biggest Orthodox Church in the world (Saint Sava's Temple) or even the biggest lowland medieval fortress in Europe (Smederevo Fortress).

You can mention you visited the land where two of the most important prehistoric cultures of Europe (Vincha and Lepenski Vir) came to being or the land where as many as 17 Roman emperors were born, including Constantine the Great, and where awe inspiring remnants of ancient Roman capitals can still be seen. Don't forget to mention this is also the land of Nikola Tesla, one of the biggest inventors of all time!

Roman emperors born in Serbia

Whatever you might decide to say, you'll hardly make anyone really believe you enjoyed your trip, even when you tell them about how many interesting things you saw. After all, it's Serbia we're talking about, right? Deep inside you know there's much more to it than meets the eye.. Serbia offers more than mere tourist attractions. If you have already been here, I'm sure you have felt that Serbia is a country with a soul!

More often than not, people seem to come to Serbia without a clue what to expect, but after a short time they tend to fall in love with the place surprisingly enough. This happens because here they find a number of things they can't seem to find anywhere else in the world...

House on the Drina river

Shall we begin with the Serbs themselves? Some foreigners who have never been here might think they're wild and violent, but as soon you meet them in person, you'll realize the Serbs are rather friendly and hospitable. Brace yourself in for a surprise if a complete stranger invites you to come over for a shot of homemade rakia or to try some homemade food!

Rakia - Serbian national drink

By the way, the food in Serbia is delicious! Some of the specialties are "pljeskavica", "burek", "sarma", "komplet lepinja"... They all have a very natural and delicious taste. Also, you'll find it hard to believe how much people here tend to eat, especially if you get to make friends with someone and they invite you to have a meal at their house. If you happen to be invited for a "slava" (a typical Serbian religious family festivity), get ready to eat for ever for three days!

Serbian food

If you would like to get into Serbian culture, besides visiting some of its museums, you should definitely hit a "kafana"! These traditional taverns where bohemians would gather way back are today a place where people go and have fun drinking, dancing and singing some very old typical songs. It's the most Serbian kind of fun out there! At the end of the night, you might catch yourself dancing on the table while singing in Serbian or even trying your luck at a few steps of "kolo", the Serbian traditional dance.

The best thing about Serbia is that it's not an obvious destination packed with tourists... It hides a lot of intriguing secrets in its streets, fortresses, "kafanas", people and everywhere you go. To get to know it, you need to get yourself to explore it on your own - you are bound to like your discoveries. As a matter of fact, Serbia is the perfect destination for inquisitive, adventurous types. ..And the nature in Serbia is stunning! For true lovers of travels who seek for authentic places and new, unforgettable experiences at affordable prices.

Above all, Serbia is a country with a soul waiting to be discovered...

National park Tara

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