Angloland Learn Serbian - Phrases of the week 10

BITI NA SEDMOM NEBU ★ literally means to be on the seventh sky and its translation equivalent is to be ‘on cloud nine’ , to be blissfully happy , to be ecstatic biti means to be , na means on, sedmo means the seventh, nebo means sky.

GLEDATI nekoga ZABEZEKNUTO ★ this collocation literally means to look at somebody in a complete shock, to look at smb shocked, startled, astonished.

SVE SE MOŽE KAD SE HOĆE ★ this saying literally means ‘one can do anything with the will power , when they want something badly, when they want to ★sve means all, everything. se is a reflexive pronoun, može means can, be able to in its 3rd person singular form, kad means when , hoće means to want , will in its 3rd person singular.

OKUŠATI SREĆU or OPROBATI SREĆU literally means and its translation equivalent is to ‘try your luck ‘ okušati or oprobati means to try and sreća means luck, sreću is used here in one of the grammar cases i.e. accusative.

SVAKI POČETAK JE TEŽAK literally means 'every beginning is hard or difficult' .svaki means every , početak means beginning , početi means to begin, to start , težak means hard, difficult or heavy.

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