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Angloland Learn Serbian - Phrases of the week 12

Updated: May 6, 2021

★BITI U SOSU or NAĆI SE U SOSU - literally means ‘to be in a sauce’ or ‘to find yourself in a sauce’, the equivalent of which would be ‘to find yourself in a stew’, to be ‘dead meat’, to be in difficulties, to find yourself in a lot of problems.

★NI TAMO NE TEČE MED I MLEKO this phrase literally means honey and milk don’t flow there (just like that) and it means that something isn’t as easy as it looks , is ‘not plain sailing’ at all, or somebody’s life is no bed of roses.

★ŽIVETI SLATKIM ŽIVOTOM or VODITI SLADAK ZIVOT means to live a sweet life and metaphorically it means to live a life of self indulgence , to live a life DOLCE VITA style , to revel in life 's little pleasures , to indulge in bacchanalia of all sorts- živeti means to live, sladak means sweet and slatkim is used here in one of its grammar cases for adjectives , život means a life

★ BITI NEKO I NEŠTO this phrase literally means to be ‘somebody and something’ meaning to want to be somebody in life, to want to achieve your big goals, to make a success and not to be a sore loser ★ this phrase has a related phrase in Serbian too MISLITI DA SI NEKO I NEŠTO which translates as TO ASSUME that your important, to assume your own grandeur