Angloland Learn Serbian - Phrases of the week 12

★BITI U SOSU or NAĆI SE U SOSU - literally means ‘to be in a sauce’ or ‘to find yourself in a sauce’, the equivalent of which would be ‘to find yourself in a stew’, to be ‘dead meat’, to be in difficulties, to find yourself in a lot of problems.

★NI TAMO NE TEČE MED I MLEKO this phrase literally means honey and milk don’t flow there (just like that) and it means that something isn’t as easy as it looks , is ‘not plain sailing’ at all, or somebody’s life is no bed of roses.

★ŽIVETI SLATKIM ŽIVOTOM or VODITI SLADAK ZIVOT means to live a sweet life and metaphorically it means to live a life of self indulgence , to live a life DOLCE VITA style , to revel in life 's little pleasures , to indulge in bacchanalia of all sorts- živeti means to live, sladak means sweet and slatkim is used here in one of its grammar cases for adjectives , život means a life

★ BITI NEKO I NEŠTO this phrase literally means to be ‘somebody and something’ meaning to want to be somebody in life, to want to achieve your big goals, to make a success and not to be a sore loser ★ this phrase has a related phrase in Serbian too MISLITI DA SI NEKO I NEŠTO which translates as TO ASSUME that your important, to assume your own grandeur

Author: Clara Grosch

★ REKLA MI JE PTIČICA is a phrase that literally translates as A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME and it metaphorically means I heard it from the grapevine or to nicely refer to it being hearsay or gossip :(ptica means a bird, pticica is its deminutive form i.e. a little bird, rekla je is a past tense from the verb reci to say , to tell, and mi is the dative form of the first person singular ja i.e. meni , mi

Author: Marcel Burkhardt

★OSEĆATI SE KAO RUŽNO PAČE literally means ‘to feel like an ugly duckling’ and its metaphoric meaning was taken from the eponymous fable from back in the day, to indicate that a person feels as if they don't belong, as if they are unappreciated in their social surroundings or amongst their peers and significant others; osećati se means ‘to feel , ružno means ugly , pače is a diminutive form from a duck - duckling, kao means like or as and se means a reflexive pronoun myself, yourself , himself , herself, itself etc.

Author: Stuart Richards, Copyright (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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