Angloland Learn SERBIAN Phrases of the Week 2

Updated: May 6


UČITI UČITI I SAMO UČITI literally means to learn, to learn and only to learn or another variant is learn, learn, learn referring to the need to learn and gain knowledge and eventually wisdom in life. Originally it was a quote by a Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.


POSTUPITI LAVOVSKI or NAPRAVITI LAVOVSKI PODVIG this phrase literally means to act like lions do or to make a lion’s act of bravery/to make a lion’s feat; postupitimeans to act or to do something, lavovski means in the way lions do, napraviti means to make, podvig means a feat or an act of bravery.


POBEĆI NA PUSTO OSTRVO literally means to run away from it all to a deserted island. It refers to the situations when you are too tired or too upset , frustrated or emotional so that you want ‘to run away from it all’; pobeĆi means to escape or to run away, na means ‘on’ or in this case ‘to’, pusto means deserted and ostrvo means an island.


OSEĆATI SE ISCEDJENO this phrase literally means to feel drained. It refers to us being very tired, exhausted, knackered as if we were drained.


UČINITI MEDVEDJU USLUGU theliteral translation of this phrase is ‘to do a favour of a bear’, to do somebody a bear’s favour . Its metaphorical or idiomatic meaning is to inadvertently do a disfavor or even harm a person while thinking you are doing somebody a great favour. It refers to the situations when your good wishes, favoursand intensions turn sour in real life.

adapted and submitted by Natasha from Angloland

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