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Winter in Serbia – for true lovers of skiing

Winter in Serbia, what does it look like? What can you expect?

One real winter magic with lots of snow. The best destinations to feel the magic of winter are the mountains of Serbia! And for all lovers of winter activities, especially skiing, we present you the ski centers of Serbia.


Let’s start with the biggest and the most important one - Kopaonik.

Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif in Serbia, extending about 75 km northwest to southeast. Its highest peak is Pancic peak with 2017 m altitude. One part of the mountain was declared and protected as Kopaonik National Park.

Kopaonik ski resort comprises of about 55km of runs for alpine skiing and 12 km of runs for cross country (nordic) skiing. For those who enjoy skiing at night, there is a lighted run “Malo Jezero” in the very centre of the resort. Apart from that, for the youngest skiers and all those who are taking their first ski steps, there is a secured “ski kindergarten” area with a conveyor belt and a carousel which makes learning basic skiing skills easier.

The artificial snowing system covers 97% of the resort and make the skiing season last longer, and the skiers, both the beginners and those more experienced ones, can be sure that they will be able to enjoy the season on excellently prepared runs.

All the runs are well connected with a system of chairlifts and ski lifts, with a capacity of over 32.000 skiers per hour. Apart from the runs for alpine and cross country (nordic) skiing, the ski resort Kopaonik also has a snowboard park, which hosts numerous domestic and international competitions.

Stara planina - Old mountain

On the second place Stara mountain, the mountain of extraordinary importance!

Stara Planina is the largest mountain in eastern Serbia and a natural border with Bulgaria.

Babin Zub ski resort comprises runs in the following locations: Konjarnik, Suncana Dolina, and Markova Livada. Babin Zub ski resort has a four seater chairlift Konjarnik with a loading conveyor belt and a capacity of 1,400 skiers per hour, and a T-bar ski lift Suncana Dolina, with a capacity of 1,200 skiers per hour, as well as Markova Livada kindergarten with a magic carpet.

Jabucko Raviste has the first gondola lift in Serbia. The eight seater gondola takes skiers from the hotel further to the chairlifts and runs. This part of the resort also has a four seater chairlift, and a ski lift, so that it is also connected with the part of the resort in Babin Zub. More than 13km of excellent runs, with various levels of difficulty, are prepared for skiers of all categories. Apart from that, in Stara Planina ski resort, there is an artificial snowing system, so that, in case there is not enough natural snow, the visitors can enjoy winter sports.


The most famous mountain resort Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty and known since ancient times as a mountain suitable for rest, recovery and healing.

Tornik ski resort is located at 9 km from the center tourist resort of Zlatibor. The total capacity of the ski area is about 5,400 skiers per hour. Tornik ski resort is equipped with a six seater chairlift, with the capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, two T-bar ski lifts with total capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour. Four runs, Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac are covered by an artificial snowing system, so this ski resort no longer depends on weather conditions.

The ski resort Tornik has a special type of installation, the so called tubing, which, as the chairlift itself, can be used during both summer and winter periods. The ski resort is equipped with a children's playground and a carousel.