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Tips & tricks: What to carry not too heavy?

Tips & tricks: What to carry not too heavy?

Start packing, gather your entourage and go together on a crazy adventure! Many people hate packing a lot of stuff in their luggage, because of the fear they will forget something. Of course, it depends on a trip how many things you will take with you. We are here to help and remind you!


Camping can be tough if it’s raining all the time. Otherwise, you will have a plenty of fun with your friends. Use this precious time to get to know with the nature better and discover it as much as possible. You could camp by one of the lakes in Serbia, Vlasina for example, or on the Strand, Novi Sad. Yes, there’s something really interesting in survival for sure, but - what will be enough to carry in your backpack to survive in wild? No matter how hot is during the day, be ready to warm up yourself before going to the bed. A tent and a sleeping bag are a must have, but better place a mat under the sleeping bag for bigger comfort.

Camping on Vlasina, photo source:

Food - if there is no store near the camp, bring ready meals, canned tuna or sardine, coffee 3 in 1, lot of snacks and bottled water. Speaking about the cold, think about layered clothing - it is easier to put it on or off. Track suits, sweater, few T-shirts, comfortable shoes and eventually swimsuit, if you are camping in the summer. In case your trip lasts only 2-4 days, bring external battery or charger for your cell phone - that will provide communication with your loved ones. At last, don’t forget the mosquito killer - many people wish they had it when it’s too late.

And, of course, a penknife, like one this below will definitely make your camping adventure real pleasure J.