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Serbian Cultural Treasures: The most beautiful fortresses

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

In this beautiful little country, there are about 150 medieval castles and fortresses. The main reason for their construction is of primarily geographic and military nature. They were created in close proximity to the rivers, roads and border lines. Behind each of the fortress there lies a fairy tale, legend or tradition that the villagers for many years seem to have been passing on to their descendants.

"In this day and age , the fortresses of Serbia are of huge significance monuments, being part of the cultural heritage and one of the favorite tourist destinations"

1. Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan park)

The capital is actually "born" in today's Kalemegdan park. This fortress is evidence of how one city was demolished and re-built so many times. At the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, this is one of the most beautiful castles of Europe, which is from the ancient Celtic town Singidunum, turned into the most visited resort that seem to be hiding a number of wonderful architectural wonders, starting from the famous Pobednik (The Victor) – symbol of Belgrade, all the way to the Nebojsa Tower, to the Observatory, the Planetarium, and the Natural History Museum and the Military Museum. The underground tunnels and passages aren’t in any way a secret for visitors, the fortress is open all day and night, and in the evening you can see beautiful sunset and night life of Belgrade.

2. Petrovaradin Fortress (Novi Sad)

…or Gibraltar on the Danube river. Petrovaradin fortress is a symbol of Novi Sad, the second largest city of Serbia. Specific of this fascinating fortress is an important geographical position that lead to many battles in the region. Magic clock as a major tourist attraction tells about the turbulent history of this monument and a favorite place for photographing. This extraordinary focal point, provides an unusual view on the townscape of Novi Sad, as well as a maze of basements, galleries, halls and fortress walls. In its green areas the world’s best festivals is held - EXIT festival. Once you step on the sidewalks of this monument, you’ll want to never leave the place - because Petrovaradin, is stunningly beautiful.

3. Nis Fortress

And a pretty little city of Nis has its historical hero as well. Nis Fortress seems to have kept many secrets, its park being considered the most beautiful and most frequently visited. It was built in the 17th century, located in the city’s center. It consists of an architectural complex, with stunningly beautiful towers and walls, and even in the times bygone there were the craft shops, stores, churches and alleys. What makes this building authentic, is that a number of cultural and artistic festivals are held here . On the summer stage, one can enjoy the sound of jazz, because Nisville Jazz Festival is one of the most visited. Also, The Mountain Lodge and Barutana offer interesting contents to their visitors.

4. Smederevo Fortress

The wonderful fortress surrounded by water, located at the mouth of the Jezava and the Danube rivers, in the Smederevo town. It was built in the 15th century by the Despot Djuradj Brankovic. It fell into the hands of the Ottomans, which was also the beginning of the Ottoman rule over Serbian nation. There are high stone walls and a recognizable tower, according to the popular wisdom within the towers the most delightful concerts and dancing balls for royalty were held. Given that this fortress is one of the main tourist attractions, it offers a variety of cultural contents to its visitors.

5. Golubac Fortress

...the medieval fortress town of the same name. It is situated on the Danube river, in close proximity to the Iron Gate. It was built in the 14th century, but it is rather significant because of its strategic location; many nations have fought their battles just beneath these walls. It was also under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Given that the fortress has somewhat irregular shapes seems to suggest the reasons for its fairy tale- like appearances of its walls, built on a hill with a jaw dropping view. Due to this fact, Golubac fortress is one of the favorite tourist destinations at the very entrance of "Iron Gate". Recently completely reconstructed, it welcomes guests from all over the world.

6. Maglic Medieval Town

..The town of Jerina , located in the Ibar gorge, 20 km from the Kraljevo town. The Ibar river, surrounds this town, and its rich history offers a much more profound insight into the life of Serbian ancestors. What draws the attention of tourists is the insufficient information as to when it was built or who built it. Sidewalks were the only way one could approach this monument and the first thing you notice are the brilliantly shaped walls Maglic mercifully all protected from falling into oblivion . All visitors seem to agree that Maglic is at its best by night thanks to the bright lights around it falling upon it.

Maglic Fortress

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