The most beautiful lakes in Serbia

Updated: May 6

If you decide to spend a summer in Serbia, and you want to get away from it all and just lie in the sun on the beaches , we suggest that you should visit the Serbian lakes that are some of the most beautiful and most popular in Europe.

The whole experience is absolutely fantastic, and we will present you some of the most interesting ones below.

1. ZAOVINE LAKE with Lazici

This lake is located on the Tara Mountain (National park) in close proximity to the village by the same name - Zaovine. An interesting fact is that the water is rather clean, and can be used as drinking water but with a little processing in water factories. In addition to the years of providing recreational facilities for its keenest and most loyal swimmers, the lake is used for the cultivation of carp and trout fish. Near the lake there is the place where Josif Pancic, a famous Serbian biologist discovered the eponymous Pancic spruce tree. On a related note, visitors can thoroughly enjoy the legends unraveled and tales told about this medieval fortress town. For all the lovers of nature out there, this is an interesting fact that among 330 internationally significant plants the habitat of which is in Serbia, 25 species can be found on Zaovine, 15 plant species of which are protected as natural rarities. Yet another reason to visit this lake, don’t you think?

And just beneath the dam of the Zaovine lake there is one more, smaller lake - Lazici.


A local legend passed on from generation to generation goes as follows: once upon a time on the famous Pester plains there was a huge lake. In the lake there lived a dreadful dragon Troglava, which was killed by Saint George with no difficulty at all. In the midst of the battle , the Monster's tail seems to have eroded the forest in the lake. Centuries later, the waters of the lake Pester flooded over, and three new artificial lakes were created - Uvac, Radoinjsko and Zlatar lakes in the area, which are now administered by the Drina - Lim hydropower plants. Zlatar Lake, or Kokin Brod, is located in the valley of the river Uvac. It is considered to be the third largest lake in Serbia, Uvac. The river flows between the mountains Zlatar and Zlatibor.

Due to its rugged canyon, in the village of Uvac there is a larger number of monasteries, primarily Mileseva mo-nastery, built in the 13th century, as an endowment of the then rulers. Uvac Canyon is synonymous of this tourist city and the eponymous nature reserve. It is located between Sjenica and Nova Varos, having been shaped and formed by river erosion. It is recognizable by its somewhat squeezed meanders that the river has carved into the limestone rock. As a protected natural area, Uvac is the main habitat of griffon vulture, the most important local ‘scavenger of nature’. Today, in this canyon there are about three hundred individual species, representing the largest colony of these birds in the Balkans and Europe. We guarantee you amazing adventures, splendidly beautiful landscapes and unforgettable tales to tell that you will once again surely narrate to your nearest and dearest in fond memory of this region.


This lake, is a favorite destination of tourists and the locals in eastern Serbia, near the town - Bor. This is also an artificial lake located at the foot of the mountain Black Peak. The lake water is primarily intended for the rides by the Mining and Smelting Complex Bor, but for the the development of tourism as well. In summer time, a large number of people, both local tourists and from the region visit this picture perfect place with great joy in order to enjoy the clear and see-through mountain freshwater. Just because of this fact it is most appealing to swimmers to swim in to their hearts’ content, as well as to be used for other recreational activities. On the lake shores, four stunningly beautiful beaches and several smaller ones have been built having that purpose in mind. The main beach and the tropical bar tend to be the most popular, and there are available facilities for athletes in which they can go in for football, volleyball, handball, basketball and other sports events. The splendour of this town seems to be proven by its picture perfect nature and abundant wildlife, which make lake shores attractive for holidays on a regular annual basis.

Bor lake

Photo2, Bor lake, photo source:


I don’t think there is a local, regardless of whether they are a nature lover or not, who haven’t heard of the lake complexes - Vlasina lake. This fantastic treasure of nature is located in Southeast Serbia on the territory of Surdulica. It is 35m deep with a surface area of 15 square kilometres. An interesting and very important fact is that it is the largest artificial mountain lake in Serbia with the highest altitude. Its beauty seems to be in a somewhat hidden bay, which is ideal for beaches, water sports and camping. Biljana Bay is the most visited, and in addition to this, there are a dozen other bays. Moreover, there are picture perfect mountains Plana, Vardenik and Cemernik. What gets you to love this place surely is the existence of floating islands where the winds raise water levels in the lake. However, most tourists seem to be impressed by an old legend that has been narrated for centuries in this region. In fact, in the lake water there lived a bull which went out at night to be fed. In the 19th century, before the Great Serbian-Ottoman Battle, people heard a dreadful roar of the bull, and water seems to have evaporated from the massive bubbles, which has warned soldiers of that fierce animal in their vicinity.

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